All Hands Meet

The IIMCAA All Hands Meet is a gathering of members of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication Alumni Association (IIMCAA). It is a flagship event organized by IIMCAA to bring together alumni from various batches and across different locations to connect, network, and celebrate their shared experiences.

The All Hands Meet serves as a platform for alumni to reconnect with their peers, mentors, and faculty members. It provides an opportunity to reminisce about their time at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), share stories, and strengthen their professional and personal networks.

During the All Hands Meet, there are typically keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive sessions featuring prominent speakers from the media and communication industry. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, including emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities in the field of mass communication.

Fostering Professional Growth and Celebrating Success

The event also includes workshops and skill-building sessions to enhance the professional development of the attendees. Alumni can participate in workshops on journalism, media management, digital communication, and other relevant areas, led by industry experts and experienced professionals.

Apart from the formal sessions, the All Hands Meet offers informal networking opportunities, allowing alumni to reconnect with old friends, make new connections, and build relationships with professionals in their respective fields. The event often includes cultural programs, alumni showcases, and social gatherings, creating a vibrant and celebratory atmosphere.

The IIMCAA All Hands Meet is a time for alumni to reflect on their journey since graduating from IIMC, share their achievements, and celebrate the collective successes of the alumni community. It is an occasion to inspire, be inspired, and forge meaningful connections that can contribute to personal and professional growth.