Membership Fee Refund Policy

1. Voluntary Membership:

Membership in the IIMC Alumni Association (IIMCAA), whether annual or lifetime, is entirely voluntary. By choosing to become a member, alumni actively support and engage with the IIMCAA community and its initiatives.

2. Non-refundable Membership Fees:

We emphasize that the membership fees, whether for annual or lifetime membership, are non-refundable. This policy stands regardless of the duration of membership or the extent of use of membership benefits.

3. No Refund Upon Resignation:

If a member decides to resign from the association at any point after payment of the membership fee, please note that a refund will not be issued. Membership fees are utilized for the betterment and support of the alumni community and the ongoing activities of the IIMCAA.

4. Commitment to Transparency:

The IIMC Alumni Association is committed to transparency in its operations and the use of its funds. While membership fees are non-refundable, they are directed towards the development and enhancement of member benefits, alumni events, and other community-building initiatives.

5. Contact for Queries:

For any queries or clarifications regarding our refund policy or membership, please feel free to contact us at

We thank you for your understanding and continued support of the IIMC Alumni Association.


Contribute your membership fee yearly. In case not a member, fill online form and pay digitally.

Alumni of Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) are encouraged to become members of IIMC Alumni Association to associate with IIMCAA activities and gain access to network opportunities to registered members.