Medical Assistance Fund

IIMC Alumni Association has established IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund for IIMC alumni from current financial year (2019-20). This fund will help to meet the medical expenses for those who may find hard to bear such expenses. The central committee has allotted 5 Lakh INR for the FY 2019-20 with an aim to help at least 25 alumni in need.

The following IIMCAA members are part of the IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund Committee which will deal with applications.

Mr. Nitin Pradhan – Chairperson
Mr. Ritesh Verma
Mr. Prabhat Upadhyay
Mr. Shreesh Chandra Singh
Ms. Deeksha Saxena

Rules & Criteria

  1. IIMC Alumni, having completed PG Diploma course at IIMC, can apply and get benefits under this scheme. Applicants should seek reimbursement only as per rules listed below. No advance or urgent assistance request will be considered.
  2. Applicants can seek assistance only against IPD and Emergency medical bills. OPD is excluded and won’t be considered. Those who are entitled to medical coverage from employer or self shall not be eligible for the IIMCAA Medical Assistance.
  3. Recommendations from 3 Registered Members of IIMCAA or 1 Lifetime Member of IIMCAA is mandatory for submission of request. Applicant may request IIMCAA Members to write to for the same from their registered email id. State chapters/ Sub chapter resolution duly passed by a meeting will serve the purpose.
  4. Medical Documents Required: A. Prescription B. Medical Report C. Bills D. Discharge Slip E. Payment Slip.
  5. Income Documents Required: An alumnus with less than 4,00,000 INR annual income is eligible to apply for the fund. Documents List-
    1.  6 Months bank statement of salary account/ account receiving payments for freelance/ consultancy works.
    2. IT return of previous year
    3. Pay Slip, if applicable
    4. Self Declaration stating annual income and no medical insurance coverage, duly signed by the applicant
  6. The subject line of the email should be – IIMCAA Medical Fund Request (Name, dept, batch, current city).
  7. All documents should be self attested, scanned and submitted electronically via e-mail to
  8. Any application not in compliance with rule no 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 will be rejected without furnishing any reason. Seeking documents will not be the liability of IIMCAA. Supplying all required documents will be the responsibility of the applicant only.
  9. An applicant may get maximum assistance of 20,000 INR in one year and not more than 50% of his/ her medical bills.
  10. IIMCAA will decide the final amount of assistance based on its assessment of reports and other relevant documents. It will hand over cheque of approved amount to the beneficiary.
  11. IIMCAA reserves the right to reject all/ any application without furnishing any reason.
  12. Allocated fund for a specific financial year shall be consumed during the aforesaid period only or returned back to IIMCAA. It will not be carried forward to next financial year fund. Total pay-out shall not exceed 25% of the total fund per quarter effectively making 25% fund available for disbursement each quarter. Lapsed fund of one quarter will be added to next quarter but at the end of the financial year, lapsed fund will be surrendered back to the central committee for IIMCAA organisational expenses.
  13. List of beneficiaries will be published in Annual Souvenir and at IIMCAA Website & social media handles with amount and photograph.
  14. The IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund Committee will meet every month to consider and decide the applications. It can meet whenever it feels the requirement, in case of an emergency.
  15. The IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund Committee and/ or the Central Committee can overlook any/ all above rules to help alumni in extraordinary medical situations.
  16. The IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund Committee and/ or the Central Committee can change any/ all rules at any stage.
  17. The Central Committee can discontinue the IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund any time without furnishing any reason and absorb the fund, if any.

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IIMCAA has been instrumental in connecting me with fellow alumni and industry professionals. Through the network, I've found new career opportunities, received valuable mentorship, and expanded my professional circle. IIMCAA truly fosters a sense of community and support among its members.

Priya Sharma

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Contribute your membership fee yearly. In case not a member, fill online form and pay digitally.

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