CC MoM | Connections 2021 Opens on 28 Feb, IIMCAA to Form Medical Fund Trust

Dear IIMCians,

The Central Committee met at IIMC HQ, New Delhi on 3rd January, 2021. IIMCAA Awards Coordinator Ms Simrat Gulati presided over the meeting that was attended by IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund Chairman Mr. Kalyan Ranjan, Senior Alumni Mr. Nitin Pradhan, Senior Alumna Ms Gayatri Rath, Organisation Secretary Mr. Ritesh Verma, Secretary Mr. Komal Badodekar and Mr. Badri Nath.

Minutes of the Meeting:-

1. CC has decided to host the opening ceremony of Annual Alumni Meet- Connections 2021 at IIMC HQ, New Delhi on 28th February, 2021. Date and number of participants will depend on COVID 19 guidelines effective at the time of the meet. Cities for chapter meets will be decided in February depending on sponsorship.

2. CC has decided to take services of Neena Sharma and Associates to conduct process audit of IIMCAA Awards 2021.

3. CC has decided to award IIMCAA Scholarships 2021 followed by fee waivers to current batch students by IIMC.

4. CC has decided to rename IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund as IIMCAA Medical Fund and form a trust to handle the affairs of Medical Assistance and Scholarships. A separate notification will be issued on the structure, aims and objectives, scope of work of IIMCAA Medical Fund Trust.

5. CC has decided to take services of PAC & Co. to execute the formalities of IIMCAA Medical Fund Trust formation.

6. CC has approved the proposal to revise the income tax return for the assessment year 2019-20.

7. CC has finalised allowance policy for IIMCAA officials/ representatives travelling for official purposes/ meetings. An IIMCAA official will be entitled to get 2000 INR for local travel allowance including airport transfers per return trip and 750 INR per day as food allowance maximum or actual whichever is lesser. IIMCAA will provide flight/ train tickets and stay or reimburse actual trip and stay expenses as claimed with bills.

8. CC has decided to send IIMCAA representatives to different states to explore possible sponsorship opportunities for Connections 2021.

Thanks & Regards,
Ritesh Verma
Organisation Secretary IimcAlumniAssociation

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