IIMCAA Group Medical Insurance Cover: Expression of Interest Survey

Dear IIMCians,
Let the new year be the harbinger of good news.

IIMCAA has embarked on an ambitious thought to secure the health and happiness of its members. Through IIMCAA Group Health and Personal Accident Insurance Plans, we hope to bring cheer to our members. The need for such plans have been felt as many of our members do not have any insurance at all or are under insured. 

We just need to leverage our large numbers to our advantage: to extract best terms at attractive premiums from insurance companies.
We are doing a quick survey to find out the extent of interest of such products among us. Your participation in large numbers is a prerequisite for the success of this program.

Survey Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc6qLnHxyQxhhciuXNXGF_6VH64yhjM3f7LqkElqvib6oYt8A/viewform

Please participate wholeheartedly in this survey, so that we have the backing of a large number of alumni to sit on the negotiation table with the insurance companies.

The minimalist survey solicits your interest to go for the group health and personal accident insurance products, for self and family. This should not take more than five minutes of your valuable time.

We will reach out to insurance companies with the data points generated from this survey, create suitable products, negotiate good terms and come back to you with the final subscription offer.

Looking forward to a boisterous response from you all.

With Warm Regards,
IIMCAA Insurance Committee

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