Jharkhand Chapter Suspended, Committee Dissolved, Election Declared Invalid

Dear All,

The Central Committee met on March 14 at IIMC HQ, New Delhi that was chaired by President Mr. Prasad Sanyal and attended by CC Members and other alumni.
Owing to recent changes and discord in the Jharkhand chapter, the central committee has resolved to suspend the chapter for three months as an interim measure. Further, the central committee appeals to alumni in Jharkhand to utilize this time to reconcile and reach a consensus on the state team.
To provide a neutral atmosphere to all, Central Committee has decided to
1. Dissolve the current committee led by Mr. Manoj Kumar.
2. Declare election held at Netarhat on 13-14 February, 2021 null and void.
3. Conduct elections by 15 June, 2021 if the alumni in Jharkhand are unable to evolve a consensus over a new team. Elections, if required, will be arranged in a manner similar to that in which central elections are held.
We appeal to the alumni in Jharkhand to make the atmosphere less acrimonious and avoid making personal comments.

All alumni have the right to aspire to become office bearers of the association and chapters are urged to conduct proceedings in a spirit of democracy which welcomes detractors and dissent, even when decisions are taken by majority.
The Central Committee is unwilling to intervene beyond neutralising the tensions and creating an atmosphere of trust and bonding. It is alumni of the Jharkhand who should reach a consensus team and get suspension revoked.

The Central Committee has requested senior alumni Mr. Santosh Dubey to take the initiative to break the deadlock. It has authorized Mr. Dubey to hold an informal get together, which, we hope, can pave the way to revive the chapter.

Thanks & Regards,
Ritesh Verma
Organisation Secretary

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