IIMCAA Central Committee Meeting

MoM | CC Meeting – 90 Lakhs INR Required for Connections 2024, Registration Mandatory to Attend Delhi Meet

Dear IIMCians,

The Central Committee met on December 17th and 24th at IIMC HQ, New Delhi. IIMCAA President Ms. Simrat Gulati presided over both meetings that was attended by former presidents Mr. Kalyan Ranjan and Mr. Prasad Sanyal, Executive President Ms. Gayatri Srivastava, General Secretary Ms. Deeksha Saksena, Treasurer Mr. Animesh Biswas,  IIMCAA Care Fund Chairman Mr. Nitin Pradhan and other officer bearers. The minutes of these meetings are as follows:

1. The Central Committee reviewed the sponsorship and arrangements of Connections 2023. It noted that:

A. IIMCAA could organise only 17 meets in 2023 compared to 28 meets of 2022 due to lesser sponsorship and rising costs. Of these 17 meets, 5 were organised by chapters with alumni contributions. IIMCAA requires additional sponsorship to meet the expenses of all 28 meets.

B. IIMCAA could not offer dinner to more than 500 alumni and guests at Connections 2023 in Delhi due to shortage of food. It was the first time in the history of Connections meets that alumni and guests returned hungry. IIMCAA requires a tentative number of attendees in advance for appropriate arrangements so that everyone attending the Delhi meet is hosted well.

2. The Central Committee has approved a budget plan of 90 lakhs rupees to organise annual alumni meet Connections 2024 in those 28 cities which have hosted the meet at least once. All chapters are requested to appeal to alumni in the region to help in raising the sponsorship.

3. The Central Committee acknowledged that it failed to generate required sponsorship in 2023 that led to cancellation of a total 11 city meets compared to the 2022 season. The CC prioritised the chapter meets in following order based on sponsorship it may raise in 2024,

A. Chapter Meets shall be organised in all those cities that contribute to the sponsorship drive for Connections 2024.

B. Chapter Meets shall be organised in all five cities that hosted Connections 2023 with their own resources and contributions. They are Patna, Ranchi, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and Singapore.

C. Chapter Meets shall be organised in at least one cities of North, South, East, West and Central India.

D. Chapter meets shall be organised in all possible cities if we have sufficient funds to meet the expenses.

4. The Central Committee has decided to convert Delhi Meet into a contributory event. It will be mandatory for alumni to register to attend the Connections Meet in Delhi. It will help IIMCAA to put proper arrangements in place and involve alumni in organising the event.

All alumni willing to attend the Delhi Meet will have to register on IIMCAA Website by 20th February, 2024. A registration fee of 1000 plus GST, totaling 1180 Rupees per person will be charged. Those willing to register at the event only, will have to pay a registration fee of 1500 plus GST, totaling 1770 Rupees per person. Alumni will be notified once registrations for the Delhi meet are open.

Registration Fee Includes:-

A. Annual Membership Fee
B. Lucky Draw Coupon – ONLY FOR ALUMNI
C. Dinner Coupon
D. Souvenir Jute Bag

Note- Registration is not required by – IIMCAA Governing Council Members, Organising Committee Members, Life Time Members, Members enrolled after 1st April 2023, Alumni being Awarded/ Felicitated, Guests, Sponsors and Current Batch Students.

5. The Central Committee has nominated several alumni and industry leaders to the organising committee of Connections 2024 and IIMCAA Awards 2024. These announcements will be made separately. IIMCAA Awards will be organised at a later date separately.

6. The Central Committee has decided to appoint Five Zonal Coordinators to assist the central committee in the functioning.

East Zone- Jyoti Prakash Mahapatra, Bhubaneswar
West Zone- Krishna Pophale, Mumbai
Central Zone- Manoj Kumar, Ranchi
North Zone- Marinder Mishra, Lucknow
South Zone- Chaitanya Krishnaraju, Bangalore

7. The Central Committee has nominated three bank signatories to operate the bank accounts of IIMC Alumni Association.

President- Ms. Simrat Gulati
Treasurer- Mr. Animesh Biswas
General Secretary- Ms. Deeksha Saksena

8. The Central Committee has approved a plan to take services of agencies/ consultants in raising new sponsorships or reviving dead sponsorships. Agencies/ consultants will be paid a service fee up to 20 percent plus taxes for such sponsorships.

9. The Central Committee has approved a proposal to get its X account verified.

10. The Central Committee has decided to revise the allowances an IIMCAA official is entitled to claim if travelling for official purposes. IIMCAA shall reimburse 5000 rupees maximum, against the bills, to one person for airport transfers and food for a round trip. Expenses incurred on additional travel and meetings for sponsorships/ partnerships will be reimbursed on the actual basis. This is over and above travel tickets and accommodation. 

Thanks & Regards,
Deeksha Saksena
General Secretary