IIMCAA Elections 2023 Notification

Notification: IIMC Alumni Association Elections 2023

Dear IIMCians,

Nominations for the Biennial Election for the Central Committee of IIMC Alumni Association will be accepted from 11th September to 13th September, 2023. 

Any panel willing to contest IIMCAA Elections shall submit nomination papers duly signed by the President candidate and separate letters of proposers backing them. 

A group of registered voters, who have paid/ renewed their membership in the last one year, may contest IIMCAA Elections 2023 with a panel of members ranging from 11 to 55 backed by other 10 members as proposers. 

Here are the important links to download forms/ check election rules/ membership number etc – 

Nomination Form– https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SgrB2bZGJbnfAsquQSZ8Lxtno1MfFwO9/edit

Proposer Form– https://docs.google.com/document/d/10FlGujyfK5bHWeNSmeEIYt2M2EGRIsuC/edit

Voter List Link– https://iimcaa.org/team/general-body/

Schedule for IIMCAA Elections 2023– https://iimcaa.org/news/revised-schedule-for-iimcaa-elections-2023/

IIMCAA Constitution– https://iimcaa.org/constitution/

Kindly get in touch with me or Election Officer Mr. Subhash Kumar Prajapati to fix a time for nomination filing in advance.

Thanks & Regards,
Prof. Govind Singh 

Election Commissioner 

IIMCAA Elections 2023