2 More decisions: IIMCAA Office Bearers Meeting on 11th November

Dear IIMCians,


In continuation with the earlier mail dated November 12, 2012 under subject line “Minutes of the office bearers meeting on 11th November“, I would like to add two more decisions which were taken in that meeting but were missed in the mail.


They were as follows:


  1. Lifetime Membership: In addition to annual membership fee of 500/- INR there will be a provision of lifetime membership and a member need to pay 10,000/- INR for such membership.

  1. Logo of IIMCAA: The Association will invite IIMCians to design a logo to be adopted as the Official LOGO of the IIMC Alumni Association. A competition will be held to select such a LOGO. The designer of the selected logo would have to surrender the logo copyright to IIMCAA. Winner will be awarded with a lifetime membership and a gift at an official function of the IIMCAA.
Thanks & Regards,

Ritesh Verma

Organisation Secretary

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