A Personal Note from Mr. Anshu Gupta, Goonj for June 16th

Dear IIMCians,

Alumni Mr. Anshu Gupta is founder of internationally acclaimed non-profit Goonj and have made a request to circulate it among alumni.
Thanks & Regards,
Deepti Gahrotra
Secretary, Communication 
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From: Anshu Goonj <anshu@goonj.org>
Date: Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 3:00 PM
Subject: A personal note for June 16th..
To: Iimc Alumni <alumni.iimc@gmail.com>, 
Hello All..


On June 16th, it will be a year from the horrific floods which devastated Uttarakhand in 2013.

For us at Goonj it has been one of the biggest campaigns. Whether it was the toughest initial phase or the harsh winters, a strong team with 3 local offices is still reaching out to people..


On 16th June, you are invited to a meeting to recap the year of our extensive work in Uttarakhand (invite enclosed). The people who made it possible, the challenges we face and the road map ahead. Do join us..



Kindly confirm your participation on mail@goonj.org to help us make better arrangements. 


With best


Anshu Gupta
Founder Director
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