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Job Description

Copyeditors always serve the needs of three constituencies:
the author(s) — the person (or people) who wrote or compiled the manuscript
the publisher — the person or company that is paying the cost of producing the printed material
the readers — the people for whom the material is being produced

All these parties share one basic desire: an error-free publication. To that end, the copyeditor acts as the author's second pair of eyes, pointing out–and usually correcting–mechanical errors and inconsistencies; errors or infelicities of grammar, usage, and syntax; and errors or inconsistencies in content. If you like alliterative mnemonic devices, you can conceive of a copyeditor's chief concerns as comprising the '4 Cs'–clarity, coherency, consistency, and correctness–in service of the 'Cardinal C': communication.

Key Responsibilities:
Copyedit manuscripts to ensure an error-free text, meeting international standards of publication

Double check manuscripts edited by native speakers of English
Subject Areas:
Business Administration
Basic Requirements:
Graduate or Post graduate degrees in any one of the above subject areas
Good editing, writing, and communication skills
Extreme attention to detail
Client focus: on-time delivery and very high quality

Typical Attributes:
Avid reader
Thirst for knowledge
Quick learner

Added Advantages:
Master's/Post Graduate/Doctoral degree in mass communication/English
Experience in copyediting
Ability to follow a publication's guidelines (style manual, handbook, etc.)
Good online search and information verification skills
Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

Selection Process:
Round 1: On selection, you will be called for a preliminary in-house test, lasting around one hour. We will test both your English language proficiency as well as your subject matter expertise.
Round 2: Qualified candidates will be interviewed within a week.

About Company
Crimson Interactive Pvt. Ltd. is an organization of member firms providing English language solutions to individuals and corporate customers in the Far East. With a dynamic business model, which is both sensitive to the language market and responsive to its needs, Crimson's member firms deliver services in three professional areas: Academic Editing, English Transcription, and Translation.

Crimson comprises a pool of talented and focused individuals who recognize the essence of knowledge. We encourage open communication, constant learning, and being updated with changing trends. Being a start-up organization, founded in 2005, we strongly promote new ideas and initiatives. Last year, we also acquired the ISO9001:2000 quality certification. We currently have multiple openings to expand our employee base for our new facility in the same building.

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