AGM of IIMCAA and roads ahead…

Dear IIMCians,

On the behalf of IIMC Alumni Association, I thank all IIMCians for their presence at the Annual General Body Meeting, which held on October 14, 2012. I appreciate your attachment and respect for the Indian Institute of Mass Communication. I am glad to meet all of you who came to attend the AGM and also saw the commitment for the IIMC Alumni Association in you.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the IIMCians who formed this association in 2004 and would like to take few names from them like Mr Neeraj Saxena, Mr Chandan Kumar, Mr Gopal Krishna, Mr Anupam Shrivastava, Mr Akhilesh Sharma, Ms Vartika Nanda, Mr Mahendra Yadav and all who laid the foundation of this association.

I also thank to all our respectable seniors, who took their valuable time out of their busy schedule and attended the AGM. Your motivation and encouragement helped us to take this major step for strengthening the Alumni Association. I would like to take few more names here like Mr Rana Yashwant, Mr Anuranjan Jha, Prof Haresh Kumar, Dr Upendra Pandey, Mr Ramesh Tiwari who attended the AGM and helped us as a guardian.

I am also thankful to Chapter Coordinators of IIMCAA for accepting the responsibility of contacting all IIMCians in their respective States. We all want to take IIMCAA to every alumnus and all parts of our country and outside the country. We are in contact with some IIMCians in UK, US and other countries who have shown interest in forming their respective Chapters soon. We will also explore other chapters in abroad as suggested by DG of IIMC Mr Sunit Tandon and announced by our President Mr. Mukesh Kaushik.

I am also grateful to Mr. Sunit Tandon, Director General of IIMC, for his presence at the AGM and accepting to be our ex officio Patron resulting in the recognition of IIMCAA as an official alumni association of the Institute. I totally agree with his suggestion of keeping the body totally apolitical. Since inception IIMCAA is committed for alumni networking only. It is defined well since the formation of Association that We are neither a student union nor a trade union. It is entirely an alumni networking activity and its mandate is defined which neither interfere in the functioning of IIMC in general or recruiters of IIMCians in any manner. We will abide by this principle in our activity and behaviour minus some exceptional cases which would require our attention.

None of us want to see IIMCAA as a forum of political fighting. i am sure that everyone is here just because of IIMC and only for IIMC cause. We are committed for that. We have other forums to take political movements and social agitations forward & every IIMCian as a citizen of this country is entitled to have his/her own political opinion & socio-political activity fully independent of IIMCAA.

Under the leadership of our President, Mr. Mukesh Kaushik, we will meet Mr. Tandon, who is also an Ex Officio-Patron of IIMCAA, in coming days. We will discuss our future plans and mechanisms to strengthen the bond between the Institute and the IIMCAA.

In next few days, we will initiate the membership drive to enrol all alumni in maximum cities. To make the membership drive a success, we all have to work as a team and co-operate each other. Office Bearers, Executive Members and several active members of IIMCAA will contact you soon and meet you at your office or home to take your details. Our state chapters will be helping in this exercise to get enrolled IIMCians residing in other cities of the country. I request you to give us support and cooperation to this drive. Please be in touch with your fellow batch-mates and keep their contact details. In addition to this, IIMCAA will send membership form to any IIMCian on requisition on a given postal address which they may return with cheque or draft of membership fee. Fee will be decided and declared soon after office bearers meet on several issue including this. Our target is March 2013 and till then, we want to make a database of maximum alumni.

Registration of the IIMC Alumni Association is another important responsibility of us. Very soon we will initiate the process of registration of our association and come up with the outcome as early as possible.

We have started the process of Chapter formation in every State. In next few weeks, these Chapters will hold a meeting to form Committees. These Committees will select/elect their office-bearers, who will further take the responsibility of maintaining a database of all alumni and organise Reunions or get-togethers in their respective States in addition to encourage members to attend AGM every year.

I would also like to take this opportunity to discuss a key matter of IIMCAA web forums on Google Group, Blogspot and Facebook. Many members, have objected to posting of such posts/ materials/ surveys on this forum which are not related with IIMC or useful for IIMCians, in informal discussions during AGM. They complained and we also have observed that lot of people are using our forum to execute the agenda of other forums/ institutions in various ways. It has been decided to filter/reject such messages strictly. If Moderator feels any post/material requires discussion before he post/reject it, he will seek binding opinion of a soon to be announced committee which will decide the fate of such posts.

We are in the process of developing a code of conduct for members, election process for maximum representation and several other mechanisms which will help us in the smooth functioning of Association in coming days.

We will keep you informed on our further developments and expect your full support to make our Alumni Association vibrant and effective. Cooperation from each one of you will sure help everyone to build-up an energetic and lively IIMC Family.

I am singing  off with a saying – “You can take a person out of IIMC, but you can’t take IIMC out of a person.”

Animesh Biswas
General Secretary IimcAlumniAssociation

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