Connections 2023: Golden Jubilee (1972-73 Batch) & Silver Jubilee (1997-98 Batch) | 26 February 2023

Dear IIMCians,

IIMC Alumni Association will be celebrating the completion of Golden Jubilee of 1972-73 Batch and Silver Jubilee of 1997-98 Batch at Annual Alumni Meet- Connections 2023 at IIMC HQ, New Delhi on 26th February 2023.

IIMCAA will try its best to contact alumni of golden and silver jubilee batches, with the active support of alumni who know anyone of these two batches. One single alumni of a batch may help us to locate and connect to remaining alumni of the batch.

Team IIMCAA will share a brief profile of each alumni of golden and silver jubilee batches, whom it could contact and connect with. These Know Your Alumni Profiles will be published in the annual souvenir book as well.

It is an open appeal and request to all alumni of IIMC to help us with name, email, mobile number or whatever you know about any of the alumni of 1972-73 Batch or 1997-98 Batch which are Golden and Silver Jubilee batches for 2023 meets respectively.

Email us contact details of alumni at

Thanks & Regards,

Om Prakash 

Coordinator, Jubilee Batches Celebrations

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