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The humanities team of Editage – Noesis – is a power-packed team of learned and vibrant editors, eagerly scrutinizing each document and tightening their grips on their pens, poised to strike out redundancies, eliminate wordiness, delete incorrectly used articles, prepositions, and conjunctions and correctly position dangling modifiers and misplaced nouns.

In Noesis, individuals from various backgrounds�such as Economics, Psychology, English Literature, Mass Media, Political Science, and Business�edit documents by enhancing the language, punctuating perfectly, and improving readability and flow. In addition, they help authors comply with extensive, and occasionally complicated, formatting recommendations made by leading international journals. In a nutshell, Noesis provides editors the opportunity to daily learn new things in English and be a well-appreciated component of cutting-edge research.

To meet the growing needs of the industry, Noesis is currently looking to recruit editors with a background in English Literature, Economics, Psychology, Business Management, Sociology, History, Anthropology, Linguistics, and Political Science.

So, all of you graduates, postgraduates, or PhDs looking for an alternative yet lucrative career, who will work at our offices in Andheri (West), think no further. And all you freshers and young aspirants to the title of – Best in English, – go ahead, copy-paste this link (http://www.cactusglobal.com/test.html) on a new browser window to take a short 10-minute test and upload your CV.

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