Fundraising Appeal for Sona Babu | IIMCAA Contributes One Lakh Rupees From Medical Assistance Fund

Dear IIMCians, 
IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund (IMAF) Committee has unanimously decided to extend the financial assistance of 1,00,000 Rupees to Mr. Sona Babu of RTV, 2013-14 Batch who had sought help from IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund. Mr. Sona is battling with colon cancer and requires a huge amount to get medical facilities and avail treatments.
The Committee had a virtual meeting to discuss the request and approved the assistance of One Lakh Rupees as a rare and extraordinary case of help under rule no 15. 
As per IMAF Rule No 9, an applicant may get maximum assistance of 20,000 INR in one year and not more than 50% of his/ her medical bills. As per IMAF Rule No 15, The IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund Committee and/ or the Central Committee can overlook any/ all above rules to help alumni in extraordinary medical situations.
IIMCAA would like to request alumni and well wishers to help him in this hour of need. It can be done as per the following bank account details.
Bank Details of Sona Babu 
Name – Sona Babu 
Account No.- 20387147998 
IFSC Code- SBIN0018595 
Bank- State Bank of India, Siwan, Bihar
Or, Via UPI Payments by scanning this code
IIMCAA wishes him a speedy recovery. 
Nitin Pradhan, Chairperson 
IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund Committee 
IIMC Alumni Association IimcAlumniAssociation

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