IIMCAA President Elect Kalyan Ranjan Thanks Members, Proposers, Election Officials For Uncontested Election

Dear IIMCians,

I, on the behalf of my panel, take the opportunity to thank IIMCAA members and all 64 proposers for reposing faith in our team to lead the association for next two years.
I would like to express sincere thanks to the IIMCAA President Mr. Prasad Sanyal and members of the central committee for picking this panel as an official panel.

I would like to thank the Election Commissioner Prof. Govind Singh and Election Officer Mr. Raghuvinder Chawla for conducting the IIMCAA Elections 2021.

IIMCAA will turn 10 next year and leading IIMCAA during its 10th anniversary will be an honour for my team.

Central Committee Picks Official Panel Led by Kalyan Ranjan For IIMCAA Elections 2021

Taking forward the journey of Connections, Awards, Scholarships, Medical Assistance and other initiatives is a massive challenge in trying times such as COVID 19 crisis. Mobilising resources remains a primary challenge. 
We all know that the main source of funding for our activities is Sponsorship. Our annual meet Connections, which has consistently been gathering momentum year-on-year and remains our flagship event, consumes most of the fund coming through sponsorships.

We are confident to meet all such challenges with the support of all of you. We will be relying on chapters, sub chapters and extended family of supportive alumni beyond the framework of committees and councils

Here is the list of proposers who backed our panel

Nomination Set 01
1. Prasad Sanyal, IIMCAA President
2. Rajender Kataria, IIMCAA Karnataka President
3. Alice Guram, IIMCAA Punjab Haryana Himachal Pradesh President
4. Gayatari Rath, IIMCAA Lifetime Member
5. Dev Vrat Kumar, IIMCAA Lifetime Member, Jharkhand
6. Apurva Chamaria, Ex IIMCAA Executive President
7. Ritesh Verma, IIMCAA Lifetime Member
8. Animesh Biswas, IIMCAA Lifetime Member
9. Amit Kanaujia, Ex IIMCAA Secretary
10. Mohit Agarwal, Ex IIMCAA Secretary

Nomination Set 02
1. Santosh Valmiki, IIMCAA UP President
2. Bhola Nath, IIMCAA Bihar President
3. Gayatri Srivastava, IIMCAA Maharashtra President
4. Neeraj Bajpai, IIMCAA Maharashtra General Secretary
5. Jyoti Prakash Mohapatra, IIMCAA Odisha General Secretary
6. Prasanta Kumar Sahoo, IIMCAA Gujarat President
7. Arvind Kumar, IIMCAA Gujarat General Secretary
8. Santosh Kumar, IIMCAA Chhattisgarh General Secretary
9. Anil Giri, IIMCAA Nepal President
10. Saurabh Chaturvedi, IIMCAA Singapore General Secretary

Nomination Set 03
1. Manoj Kumar, Ex IIMCAA Jharkhand President
2. Mona Parthsarathi, IIMCAA Member
3. Rashi Bisaria, Ex IIMCAA CC Member
4. Rayana Pandey, Ex IIMCAA Singapore General Secretary
5. Reetesh Anand, Ex IIMCAA Executive President
6. Shilpy Sinha, IIMCAA Member
7. Karuna Tanwar, Ex IIMCAA CC Member
8. Chaithanya JK, IIMCAA Karnataka Organisation Secretary
9. Shankar Pandit, Ex IIMCAA CC Member
10. Narender Soni, IIMCAA Lifetime Member

Nomination Set 04
1. Kasuri Ray, IIMCAA Member, Odisha
2. Sarada Lahangir, IIMCAA Member, Odisha
3. Rajesh Parida, IIMCAA AP and Telangana
4. Priya Ranjan Jha, IIMCAA Member
5. Indu Kumari Jha, IIMCAA Member
6. Gaurav H Dikshit, IIMCAA Lifetime Member
7. AR Hemant, IIMCAA Karnataka General Secretary
8. Govinda Mishra, IIMCAA CC Member
9. Deeksha Saksena, Ex IIMCAA Treasurer
10. Komal Badodekar, IIMCAA Secretary

Nomination Set 05
1. Braj Kishore, Ex IIMCAA Bengal President
2. Anuranjan Jha, Ex IIMCAA Scholarships Chairman
3. Mihir Ranjan, Ex IIMCAA General Secretary
4. Prabhash Jha, IIMCAA Lifetime Member
5. Priyanka Singh. IIMCAA Member
6. Nanditta Chhibber, IIMCAA Member
7. Debarati Mukherjee, IIMCAA Member, Canada
8. Santiswaroop Samantaray, IIMCAA AP & Telangana Treasurer
9. Gourav Choudhary, IIMCAA Bengal Organisation Secretary
10. Kaveri Ghosh, IIMCAA Member, Singapore
11. Saurabh Rathore, IIMCAA CC Member
12. Nitin Dagar, IIMCAA CC Member

Letters Received After Nomination and Not Part of Submitted Sets
1. Samudragupta Kashyap, IIMCAA North East President
2. Nitendra Singh, IIMCAA Member

Thank you everyone once again. Look forward to your constructive suggestions, active participation to make IIMCAA even bigger and more relevant. 

Stay safe and Let's stay Connected!

Thanks & Regards,
Kalyan Ranjan
President Elect
IIMC Alumni Association

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