HS Brands International needs Editor

H S Brands International, a global mystery shopping firm with offices in US, Europe and Asia, seeks Editor for its Bangalore office.
Experience: 0 – 3 years
About: H S Brands is an international mystery shopping firm with offices in US, Europe and Asia. We have started operations in India over 2 years ago. Our clients include leading companies from the  retail, F&B, electronics and automobile industries.
What is ‘Mystery Shopping’: Mystery shopping involves posing as a customer and making unannounced visits to stores, restaurants, banks etc. to evaluate customer service, salesmanship, product quality, cleanliness etc. The mystery shopper makes an onsite visit to the assigned outlet and then provides feedback through an online survey. These reports need to be reviewed, edited and verified before they are presented to the client.
Brief job profile:

To edit the reports as per the client’s requirements and the guidelines decided upon. Check for discrepancies, insufficiency or any contextual errors in the shopper reports. Each feedback form to be checked for minor changes which are changes that do not substantively change the theme, typeface, tone, structure, characters, or other elements of the audit that has been written by the shopper. Such changes would include spelling or grammar in a way that does not deviate from what the shopper wanted to convey.

Salary range: Rs 14,000-16,000 per month
Contact person: Suresh
Phone: +91 9901167009

Source: Jobs Media
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