IIMCAA Awards 2017 | Jury | Auditor | Categories | Rules & Criteria | Last Date- 15 January, 2017

Dear IIMCians,
IIMC Alumni Association is moving forward in its endeavour to keep the alumni community active and connected. We have had many activities in the past where our alumni have been felicitated as bureaucrats or writers or entrepreneurs. The aim being to recognize the varied achievements of our alumni.
From this year onwards we are adding The IIMCAA Awards in 10 categories to recognize the professional achievements of the diploma holders of IIMC in the fields of Mass Communications itself.
These awards will felicitate the best professional work done by the alumnus, during 1 January, 2015 to 31 December, 2016 in each category. Each award carries a cash prize along with a trophy and a certificate.
There is a cash prize of Rs 51,000 for one category and Rs 21,000 for the other nine categories. Awards will be given at the annual alumni meet Connections 2017 on 19th February 2017.
The selection will be done by an 11 member jury of eminent mass communication personalities. The final selection would be done on 22nd January, 2017 at IIMC HQ, Delhi when all the jury members will convene and select winners in each of the 10 categories. The awards will be announced on 19 February, 2017.
Jury of IIMCAA Awards 2017

1. Prof. Jaishri Jethwaney, Former Course Director, AD & PR, IIMC

Non Alumni Members
2. Mr. Rajesh Kalra, Chief Editor- Times Digital
3. Mr. Ram Kripal Singh, Former Editor- Navbharat Times
4. Mr. Anshuman Tiwari, Editor- India Today, Hindi
5. Mr. Nitin Mantri- CEO, Avian Media
6. Mr. Raj Kumar Jha- Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather
7. Mr. Samir Kapur, Senior VP, Adfactors PR

Alumni Members
8. Mr. Anshu Gupta, Founder- Goonj
9. Mr. Unni Rajen Shankar, Editor- Indian Express
10. Mr. Supriya Prasad, Managing Editor- Aaj Tak
11. Mr. Braj Kishore, Corporate Communication Head- Reliance Infra
Auditor of IIMCAA Awards 2017
Dr. Gita Bamezai, Head of the Communication Research Department at IIMC is Auditor for IIMCAA Awards 2017. She will oversee and ensure the process of entry and selection are duly followed.
Categories of IIMCAA Awards 2017
1. Agricultural Reporting- 51000 INR
2. Investigative Reporting- 21000 INR
3. Developmental Reporting- 21000 INR
4. Political Reporting- 21000 INR
5. Print Production- 21000 INR
6. Broadcast Production- 21000 INR
7. Digital Production- 21000 INR
8. Public Relations- 21000 INR
9. Corporate Communications- 21000 INR
10. Advertising- 21000 INR
Criteria and Rules of IIMCAA Awards 2017
1. Applicant must be a PG Diploma holder of the IIMC.
2. Applicant must cite an example of outstanding work done in the reference period for the particular years’ award, in this case the period applicable is 1 January, 2015 – 31 December, 2016. 
3. Entries to be sent at alumni.iimc@gmail.com
4. Applicant must attach a brief essay of the work justifying the eligibility to the jury. 
5. Entries to be sent only in PDF, JPEG, URL, PPT formats. 
6. If entry is Video/ Audio, send the web URL of uploaded file by self/ organization.
7. An applicant can send only one entry in any one category in a particular year.
8. Recommendation letter from the Head of the organisation/ Reporting Manager/ Two peers are required. Entries with by- lines do not require any recommendation but clippings/ PDF/ URL is a must in that case.
9. Entry need to be accompanied by a letter of Editor/ Competent Authority in all the three categories of the Production Awards.
10. Organisational nomination should be backed by Head of the department or competent authority.
11. Two references of classmates/ batchmates at IIMC have to be provided by applicant with their email id and mobile number. 
12. Work in all Indian languages will be considered without favour or prejudice but the applicant should provide a suitable translation in English or Hindi to enable the jury to judge.
13. Central Committee members do not qualify for any awards.
14. A campaign can’t be entered for two different categories. If an alumnus of agency and another of client side send the same campaign for two different categories, the entry received first will qualify and will be considered for judging.
15. Applicant must submit an undertaking to authorise IIMCAA to use applicant's name, photograph, organisation's name and their entries for promoting the Awards in all communication medium. 
16. Last date to submit the entries is 15 January, 2017.
17. The applicant has to agree to the all terms and conditions of the IIMCAA Awards. 
18. If the jury doesn’t find any suitable entry in any of the categories then the award for that category may be dropped for that year.
19. The decision of the jury will be final and can’t be contested in any court.
Criteria for evaluating the entries
Category 01- Agricultural Reporting
Quality of reportage
Category 02- Investigative Reporting
Quality of reportage
Category 03- Developmental Reporting
Quality of reportage
Category 04- Political Reporting
Quality of reportage
Category 05- Print Production
Quality of Content
Extra weightage will be given to special pages
Advertorials/ Sponsored pages will not qualify.
Category 06- Broadcast Production
Quality of Content
Content must be of minimum 10 minutes duration & produced for half an hour wheel only. 
Entry must be sent with an additional 3 minutes summarized capsule of the entry.
Online Video/ Audio link
Must not be in violation of copyright laws
Astrology/ Call in shows do not qualify
Category 07- Digital Production
Quality of Content
Interactive Elements
– Applicant should be directly involved in ideation, creation and managing the site/ page/section.
– Additional innovations made for the said site on mobile and/ or app will be considered favourably. 
– Work entered should have some innovation or introduction of new feature in the date range 01-01-2015 to 31-12-2016. 
– Must be accompanied by screenshots.
Category 08- Public Relations
Note- Entries from alumni at any agency will be accepted only.
Category 09- Corporate Communications
Entries from alumni at any corporate will be accepted only.
Entry can be for one or more of the following sub categories- 
– A. Crisis Communication
– B. Internal Communication 
– C. Communication to bring about any social change outside
– D. External communication to achieve a perception shift 
Category 10- Advertising
Impact & Brand Recall
Print Ad: JPEG
TVC: Online link
Radio Spots: Online link
Digital campaign: AV Presentation/ PPT.
Campaigns involving more than one creative: AV presentation.
Thanks & Regards,
Simrat Gulati
Convenor, IIMCAA Awards 2017

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