IIMCAA Awards 2021: Mr. Saqib Iqbal Khan Withdraws From Journalist of the Year (Publishing)

Dear IIMCAA Members,

Mr. Saqib Iqbal Khan has withdrawn his candidature for IIMCAA Awards 2021 from the category of Journalist of the Year (Publishing).

IIMCAA Awards 2021 Auditor, Neena Sharma & Associates, pointed out violation of rule no. 28 with respect to his entry. Rule No 28 of IIMCAA Awards 2021 says- Governing Council members do not qualify for awards, but are free to vote.

Mr. Saqib is a member of IIMCAA's Governing Council by virtue of being the General Secretary of Bihar Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association.

Team IIMCAA informed him about the rule violation and he accepted this inadvertent overlook of the rule. He offered to withdraw his entry which IIMCAA has accepted. Now, his entry is being removed from the list of applicants/ entries.

IIMCAA members who have already voted in favor of Mr. Saqib are requested to cast their vote again before the deadline, 11.59 PM on 31st January. Any vote to Mr. Saqib will not be counted. 

Applicants voted below Mr. Saqib will be upgraded to one level up in counting if such votes are not changed by deadline.

Thanks & Regards,
Simrat Gulati, Coordinator
IIMCAA Awards 2021
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