IIMCAA Bihar: Minutes of the 3rd meeting

Dear IIMCians,

Here is the minutes of 3rd meeting of Bihar Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association held at Mr Sambhu Nath Singh's residence on December 16.

1. Members felt the need for organizing a seminar/workshop on a burning issue of mass communication. The ideas for the topic are welcome. It was felt that the topic should be away from sensationalism and preference should be given to practical aspects of journalism/mass media.

2. Pramod jee of Prabhat Khabar has been designated as organizational vice-president. His role is crucial for building up rapport among the IIMCians and strengthen the process of decision making.

3. Recently, a section of government officers have been calling up to know if they can join IIMC Alumni Association Chapter of Bihar. These officers have either done some certificate course or have been trained in our prestigious IIMC. Members unanimously referred this issue to national unit.

Response of IIMCAA:- We welcome every individual as member who did Diploma or Certificate courses offered by IIMC or participated in Trainings conducted by IIMC for Govt Employees like Indian Information Service officers, Army Officers etc.

4. Imbesat Imam mooted the idea of experience sharing during the meet. From the next meeting 30 minutes will be given to an alumni to share their experience. 

5. A data bank of four IIMCians working in Bihar but have been not contacted has been prepared.

6. Next meeting will be held on January 6. Venue will be finalized soon.

In the next meeting, we will discuss the following issue

A strong need is also felt to designate responsibilities to members of the chapters to efficiently carry out the functioning of the association. Following steps have been recommended to bring in efficiency,

A. Preparation of press release and ensuring publication. It's suggested that we designate a PRO or it should be done on a rotational basis.

B. Contacting members and informing about the date of venue of meet needs to be streamlined. 

C. Record keeping of meeting and attendance.   

Alok Gupta
General Secretary, IIMCAA, Bihar

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