IMP: Minutes of the Central Committee Meeting, April 7

Dear IIMCians,

The Central Committee met on April 7 at Press Club of India, Delhi. Meeting was presided by Vartika Tomar and attended by Organisation Secretary Ritesh Verma, Secretaries Anand Saurabh, Kunwar Abhishek Bhagat, Mohit Agarwal, Executive Members Parimal Kumar & Amit Kanaujia.

Decision are as follows:-

1. Issues raised by Executive Member Rishi Kumar Singh- Meeting discussed the issues raised by Executive Member Rishi Kumar Singh in a letter emailed to all members of central committee. Meeting resolved:-
– A. IIMC Alumni Association will not comment on issues which are not related with IIMC or IIMC Alumni Association directly. Professional, political or personal life of an alumni should not be a subject matter of discussion for IIMCAA.
– B. It is a body of Alumni only hence IIMCAA will not interfere in the administrative affairs of IIMC.
– C. IIMCAA doesn't aspire to work as employee union hence shall not interfere in the relationship between employee and employer.
– D. IIMCAA will agitate in extra ordinary cases only.

2. Absent CC Members- Meeting decided to issue show cause notices to such central committee members who were not participating in the monthly meetings consistently. Notices would be returnable within 7 days from issuance and no response to the notice would be counted as acceptance to replace them by active alumni who intend to work for the association.

3. Audit Works- Meeting referred the issue to hire a CA for auditing purposes to Finance Committee. Finance Committee will decide the matter.

Thanks & Regards,
Ritesh Verma
Organisation Secretary, IIMCAA IimcAlumniAssociation

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