IMP: Minutes of the Office Bearers Meeting of January 6

Dear IIMCians,


Office Bearers of the IIMC Alumni Association met at UNI Campus on January 6. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Mr Aakash Kumar. It was attended by Vice President Dhiren Dukhu, General Secretary Animesh Biswas, Organisation Secretaries Harshendra Verdhan & Ritesh Verma, Secretary Kunwar Abhishek Bhagat, Treasurer Gaurav Dikshit, Executive Members Prabhat Pandey, Amit Kanaujia, Soumya Jha, Ranveer Singh, Neha Keshri, Vartika Tomer & Harendra Yadav.


Following are the decisions discussed during the meeting:-


1. Chapter Formation: Organisation Secretary Ritesh Verma briefed on chapter formations. West Bengal, Odisha, North East, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh & Kerala are states where chapter formations are in progress. Other states have completed the process and functional chapter are in place to look after the activities.


2. Constitution: Meeting deliberated several issues which will make the constitution of the IIMCAA. It was decided that after writing the draft of the constitution, Central Committee would sent it to Functional Chapters for ratification. Any amendment or suggestion proposed by any chapter will be discussed in Central Committee before IIMC Alumni Association adopts its constitution. Registration process has been delayed till finalization of the constitution.


3. Centre-State Relationship: It will become a part of constitution & will be decoded fully in draft constitution. Highlights are as follows:-


Administrative Issues

A. Issues having effect nationally will be deliberated and decided by Central Committee like Constitution, Membership Criteria, Membership Fee, Election Process, Rules for Members etc.

B. Issues having effect on Chapter levels will be entirely Chapter Affairs and Central Committee will not interfere in activities of Chapters in any manner except if it violates decisions of Central Committee or infringes affairs of other Chapters.

C. In any case of Inter Chapter or Intra Chapter disputes, Central Committee will resolve the issue binding to all/ party concerned.

D. Organisation Secretary/ Secretaries will be in-charge of Chapters. Chapters will report every activity to Central Committee via respective Organisation Secretary.

E. President will allocate Chapters to Organisation Secretaries if there is more than one Organisation Secretary.

Financial Issues

A. Chapters will contribute 25% of the Annual Membership Fee to Central Fund.

B. Chapters with not more than 20 Members will not contribute in Central Fund.

C. Chapters, having IIMC Campuses in their functional area, with not more than 40 Members will not contribute in Central Fund.

D. Chapters, having IIMC Campuses in their functional area, with not more than 20 members will receive Central Assistance equal to 20 memberships annually to hold Fresher Party in August-September and Farewell Party in February-March at IIMC Campus in their area only. This fund has to be spent only on both activities and it will be provided in two equal installments, 1st in August and last in February. Chapters will provide utilization certificate with bills and vouchers duly signed by President, General Secretary and Treasurer of the Chapter within one month of the event to Central Committee. Central assistance will be kept suspended until utilization certificate of last event not received by Central Committee.

E. Membership fee received online/ directly by Central Committee from a member living outside National Capital Region would be returned to chapter of his/her residence after deductions to central fund if applicable.

F. Foreign Chapters will not contribute to central fund.


4. Election Process

A. One term of office bearers will not be more than of 2 years.

B. Incumbent President will not stand for 2nd consecutive term. A gap of one term is must for 2nd presidential term.

C. Incumbent office bearers will not stand for any post in any manner for 3rd consecutive term. A gap of one term is must for 3rd term.

D. Diploma Course Alumni and Indian Information Service Officers will be entitled of right to contest and vote.

E. Central Election Committee will ensure free and fair elections of Central Committee and Chapters. It will be a 5 member body appointed by Central Committee. No member of Central Committee or Chapter Committee will be appointed to this committee.

F. A member with voting right may contest election for any post individually/ in panel.

G. Election process shall begin in the month of August with the formation of Central Election Committee & notification of election with detailed schedules.

H. Elections shall be completed by September in Chapters and by October in Centre.

I. Central Election Committee will oversee elections of Central Committee.

J. Central Election Committee will appoint Election Officer for the election of each Chapter Committee in consultation with Central Committee.

K. Central Committee, in consultation with Chapter Committee, will propose not less than two names to Central Election Committee for the appointment of Election Officer to conduct Election of Chapter Committee.

L. Central Election Committee will lay out the rules & guidelines for elections in tandem with rules mentioned above.

M. Central Election Committee will announce results for any/ all elections.

N. Any dispute will be heard and resolved by Central Election Committee.

O. The decision of Central Election Committee would be final.


P. Ballot Voting will be held at polling stations. IIMC Headquarter and Headquarter of Chapters will be made polling booth. Chapters will decide the venue of poll.

Q. Members may directly vote in all organizational elections. System of online voting will be introduced for this purpose.

Q-1 Members will have to vote from the e-mail account which they mention in membership form. Vote from other e-mail account would not be counted.

Q-2 Repeated voting is not allowed. It will lead to cancellation of any vote polled by concerned member.

Q-3 Members will have to mention their membership number (provided by IIMCAA) in subject line.

Q-4 Matching of e-mail id mentioned in membership form and membership number provided by IIMCAA will be carried out before counting.


5. Membership Drive

A. Membership Drive will be carried out by Central Committee and Chapter Committees simultaneously.

B. Membership form will be available on our online forums. It may be downloaded and sent to Central Committee after filling up with a cheque of membership fee.

C. A Blog will be created to update information regarding arrival of membership forms with Name, Dept, Batch, Campus & Membership Number.

D. After the completion of first round of membership drive, a website will be launched. It will enable members to access the database & other information with username and password.


6. Alumni Meet: Meeting decided to hold an Alumni Meet at IIMC Headquarter on February 17. Event will felicitate Campus Wale Couples. Launch of quarterly newsletter will be done during the meet. Meeting approved an estimated budget of 5 Lacs for this event which will be mobilized by sponsorship deals/ advertisements.


7. Mohit Agarwal is New Secretary: Mr. Rajeev Dwivedi offered to vacate the post of Secretary & Officiating Member of Finance Committee due to his engagement in professional life. He assured to work & support the activities of the association as a simple member only. Meeting accepted his offer and inducted Mr. Mohit AgarwalAD-PR, 2011-12 as new Secretary to occupy Rajeev’s position as Secretary of the Association and Officiating Member of Finance Committee.


8. Attendance of Office Bearers: Meeting raised concern over absence of several office bearers in successive monthly meetings. Meeting decided that an office bearer will be asked by General Secretary to explain the reason of continuous absence. General Secretary will ensure his/ her availability for association activities or make the way for other active members after successive 3rd absence of any member. Induction of any member in committee will be decided by committee itself.

Thanks & Regards,

Animesh Biswas

General Secretary IimcAlumniAssociation

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