IMP | MP Chapter Get-together on December 22 in Bhopal

Dear IIMCians,

Madhya Pradesh Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association will hold a get-together on December 22, Sunday, at Indian Coffee House (1st floor), Board Office, Bhopal at 3.00 PM.
I request all the IIMCians in the city & around to kindly attend the meet. Those who could not be contacted may call me at 07566638118 and confirm their presence in the meeting.
Following people are expected to attend the get-together in Bhopal:
Deepti Chaurasia | Aashish Joshi | Yogesh Gautam | Ramani Ranjan Mahapatra | Shilpa Baburaj | Prerna Prasad | Avinash Chanchal | Anurag Chaubey | Vishakha Rajurkar Raj | Kuldeep Mishra | Rashmi Chouhan

Simultaneously, a meeting has been planned for Indore-Sub Chapter on the same day in Indore, the details of which would be forwarded by IIMCAA Coordinator in the city, Mr. Gaurav Shrivastava.
Dear all, it’s a chance to strengthen IIMC circle in the state. Let’s make this get-together a success. The scrumptious coffee awaits!
Thanks & Regards,
Rashmi Chouhan, President, IIMCAA, Madhya Pradesh Chapter
Anurag Chaubey, General Secretary, IIMCAA, Madhya Pradesh Chapter IimcAlumniAssociation

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