Inclusive Media Fellowships for Hindi, English Journalists; Deadline: Sept 30

Inclusive Media for Change, a Centre for Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) initiative, invites applications for media fellowships for journalists in English and Hindi for 2011.

The fellowships are open to journalists working for newspapers/ magazines/ radio or TV channels on themes of India’s rural crises.

The last date for submission of applications is 30 September 2011.

Requirement: The ideal candidates would be willing to spend two to three weeks with rural communities and write series of stories or make radio/ TV programmes on grassroots issues that require wider coverage and policy debates.

The fellowship duration is three to six weeks and the amount is Rs. 150,000 including travel and incidental expenses.

Rules and Regulations

The applications should include a cover letter and the candidate’s CV (strictly within 3 A4 pages) along with the following:

* A clearly defined project proposal not to exceed 500 words. For tips please go to the website of the Inclusive Media for Change ( and click on “fellowship” section.
* A break up of at least 5 story ideas based on the project proposal (within 200 words). Going through stories of last year’s Inclusive Media Fellows on the website would give you an idea of the stories written.
* A rough break-up of travel/ boarding requirements (within Rs. 55,000). Please mention the places you want to visit and a rough breakup of what you expect to be your expenditure.
* Two samples of published work (or Radio/TV programmes) in English or Hindi. For electronic stories, please use CD/ DVD and post it to us clearly marked your name and the title of the story.
* A supporting letter from the editor assuring leave for 4 weeks and agreeing to use the fellowship output in the publication (Free lancers must procure a supporting letter from the editor of a publication/ channel agreeing to use the fellowship output)
* A letter of recommendation about the candidate’s past record, journalistic abilities and suitability for the project. (Letter of recommendation could be from your teacher, employer or former or present editor who is familiar with your work. The letter of recommendation should not be confused with the Employer’s/editor’s supporting letter.

To apply:

Send your completed application and CV in Microsoft Word format along with scanned copies of your clippings to the following email address:

Application sent by emails will be promptly acknowledged.

Those sending emails please write “Inclusive Media Fellowship 2011″ in the subject line.

However, if for any reason you cannot send it by email, or if you want to send a hard copy as well as the email, please do so by speed post or courier to the following address:

Inclusive Media Fellowship 2011
Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS)
29, Rajpur Road
Delhi 110054
For Further Details follow the link IimcAlumniAssociation

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