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One of the best things about studying at IIMC is that it prepares you to cover any beat, any medium; get familiar with a field with the finesse of an actor, and translate into a language that viewers or readers can grasp easily. But sometimes, something attracts you with such magnetism, that you can't stop but get hooked to it. That's what happened to Sunny Saurabh, a journalist by training at IIMC, who couldn't help but jump into the entrepreneurial race after meeting a technology buff, Bharanidharan Viswanathan, an Indian School of Business alumni.


What they went on to create was a search engine ( that aims to make searching simpler not just for normal users, but also for journalists like you and me. Ever racked your brains trying to figure out how you will get the quotes from "venture capitalists" or "online photo printing" for your story, when you don't even know such a thing exists in India? Or doing a research work prior to writing a story on "Italian cuisine." How tough it is to get such information out from a regular search engine, and it takes hours, and sometimes you need to fall back to good friends just to complete the story on time.


Journalists come across such scenarios almost daily, and most of the time web search engines don't really help in giving you what you're looking for, unless you have prior domain knowledge. Not only as a journalist, but as a simple user, when was the last time you searched for simple words on a search engine like 'jobs', 'news', 'email', 'airlines' and got relevant results? Is there a search engine where I could discover websites with ease, without modifying the query too much?


Enter – a search engine that helps all brands & businesses (that have an online presence), discoverable. Antya ensures it doesn't take any junk information with the help of a dedicated policing team, enabling you to explore without a hitch.  It also has something called "Antya View" that allows you to browse through websites without the trouble of scrolling down. Results are ranked according to their popularity, a user angle, which the founders want to expand to a full-fledged search social networking platform.


So try and get your 'end result' – exactly what the word 'antya' means in Sanskrit – and hopefully, your stories will always be over, before time.
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