1 thought on “JUSTICE FOR NIRUPAMA: Now at Jantar Mantar at 6 PM”

  1. I belong to Jhumri Telaiya and have been reading all 'bout this incident and how its being 'made' complex during investigation. It's sad very sad and it really shows that people are burdened with the caste & status fiasco.

    I was at the vigil march and it was a very emotional moment. Though every one managed to stay calm during the vigil but I know and I believe every one, including me, was holding an amount of anger inside. I wish the investigation which is going on brings out the 'real' culprit and punish him/her/them before the anger inside us bursts.

    I guess this will take some time before the responsible person is dragged infront of the public, but I wish it happens sooner than later. Amen.

    Thanks so much for putting up the information 'bout the change in venue. It helped me being at the right place in the right time.

    Wishing Justice for Nirupama and many alike who have faced such crude incidents in past so that the future stands clear & pleasant for the youth.

    God bless the soul.


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