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The Rajasthan Patrika Group is glad to announce the Karpoor Chandra Kulish Award 2007 (KCK Award 2007). This annual award, in the hallowed memory of Karpoor Chand Kulish, is aimed at recognizing efforts of thought leaders in media, journalist's outstanding contributions to upholding professional values as well as protecting and promoting ethics and morality, right and freedom of the people for better quality of life. The award theme for year 2007 shall be "Human Development".

There is no entry fee for the award.

"Human Development":The first KCK Award for excellence in print journalism will be open to those who have authored and published the most compelling write-ups in media contributing to changing the lives and meeting the aspirations of people. We seek to honor journalists who covered events of people's struggle for a life of dignity, fulfillment and honor.

We expect the contributions to represent manifestation of man's unique spirit and goodness of life. They shall also depict strong focus on showcasing self-governance leading to effective social change.
Prize category

One award of US$ 11,000 would be given to the winner of KCK Award. One medal and certificate shall be given to each team member, the trophy and prize money shall be awarded to the institution or team leader (in case of independent team) on behalf of the team.

The distribution of the prize money rests with the concerned institution or leader of the team in case of an independent team application. Awards are restricted to Print Media only. Two institutions shall share the amount if both of them receive the same rating by the Jury.

Apart from this, 10 entries shall also receive special mention and would be given certificate & medal.

Winner Announcement
KCK Award shall be given at an award ceremony at New Delhi in the first half of year 2008. The award shall be conferred annually, starting with the year 2007.

Last Date:- 31st of January, 2008

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