Let’s Unravel the Experience of our GD-PI…


We are greatly encouraged by the kind of overwhelming response that we got both from contributors and readers.

Analysis of our visitors data shows that more than 1500 visitors benefited from this blog www.iimccounselling.blogspot.com and we still find visitors keep coming back to the site to find more.

The message is clear.

Although we are done with the written test we still have GD-PI on its way.

Once again, we request our fellow IIMCIans, Teachers and our Valued Alumni/Alumnae to contribute their write ups about the preparation for GD-PI. 



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1 thought on “Let’s Unravel the Experience of our GD-PI…”

  1. Congrats and all the best to the candidates. few things from my side. My GD-PI was a piece of cake…the entire GD group was selected baring a couple. Top was “Brand Wars-how relevant are they to audience.” The idea is to let the discussion happen. Dont get into arguments. And you need not dominate it. Just speak your points clearly, which what i did. As for the PI extra curicullars help if you want to get into creatives. U might be asked to make a jingle on the spot. I was asked to make one on IIMC and sing it out. Someone else from our batch was asked to make one on juices…
    Know the basics…like the name of some ad agencies…watch lots of tv…

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