Mindworks Global Media Services needs Copy Editor in Noida

Mindworks Global Media Services, a pioneer in media outsourcing, works with some of the biggest newspaper and magazine brands in USA, Europe and Asia. Trusted by editors worldwide, our copyeditors and designers work closely with editors in foreign publications. Anyone joining Mindworks can be certain of quickly learning new skills and the ability to deliver to global quality standards.

Requirement: Copy Editor in Noida

Experience: Candidates with 1-2 years experience in editing would be ideal. However, we are also open to candidates with no work experience, provided your English grammar skills are very strong, and you have a high degree of news awareness.

Job profile:

* The job involves editing newspaper and magazine supplements of publications in the US and Asia.

* Ensuring quality for an international newspaper demands strong grammar skills, and an ability to write nuanced headlines in a non-passive style.

* Attention to detail is necessary because you will be the final check to ensure the article has zero errors.

* Shift timings will be from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Contact person: Maureen Gomes

Email: hr@mindworksglobal.com

Source: Jobs Media

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