Minutes of Office Bearers Meeting on December 9

Dear IIMCians,


The Alumni Association Office-Bearers meeting at UNI campus on 9th December was presided by President Mukesh Kaushik and was attended by Vice-President Apurva Chamaria, General Secretary Animesh Biswas, Organisation Secretaries Harshendra Verdhan, Ritesh Verma, Secretary Kunwar Abhishek Bhagat, Executive Members Parimal Kumar, Amit Kanaujia, Reetesh Anand, Ranveer Singh, Neha Keshri, Vartika Tomer and Harendra Yadav.


Minutes of the meeting are as follows:-


1. Chapter Formation: Organisation Secretary Mr. Ritesh Verma laid the report of the progress of Chapter formations in the country and abroad. Meeting expressed satisfaction on the progress made so far.


2. Meeting with DG, IIMC-cum-Patron-IIMCAA: Briefing by undersigned. A delegation led by President Mr. Mukesh Kaushik met Mr. Sunit Tandon, DG, IIMC-cum-Patron-IIMCAA on 4th December, 2012. Meeting was attended by Mr. Jaideep Bhatnagar, Officer-on-Special-Duty, IIMC. A range of issues were discussed during the meeting. We discussed the modalities to mutually help each other for the benefit of students and the institute.


3. Membership Drive: Meeting gave approval to start the membership drive simultaneously across the country. It was decided to request Mr. Sunit Tandon, DG, IIMC to launch the membership drive of the Association. President Mr. Kaushik has been entrusted with the responsibility of deciding a date for the commencement of the membership drive with the consent of Mr. Tandon.


4. Registration Process: Golden Thought Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has been awarded consultancy work for getting IIMCAA registered under Societies Registration Act.


5. Bank Account: Meeting decided that the IIMCAA’s Bank Account would be operated jointly by President Mukesh Kaushik, General Secretary Animesh Biswas, Treasurer Gaurav Dikshit and Organisation Secretary Ritesh Verma. Signatures of any two of these four would suffice the need for transactions. Any expense would generally need advance approval of Finance Committee. Treasurer will have to seek prior approval of an estimated expense for any event/ purpose. Authorised signatories will not spend more than INR 10,000/- on a cumulative basis without prior approval from the Finance Committee. Even spend of INR 10,000/- will need to be approved by Finance Committee on a retrospective basis.


6. Let's Talk: Meeting decided to postpone the Let’s Talk till January 2013 in the wake of semester exams and winter vacations in IIMC.


7. Official LOGO: Out of 44 LOGO designs received till the deadline of the logo design competition, meeting selected and adopted an OFFICIAL LOGO of the IIMC Alumni Association designed by Mr. Mohit Agarwal, alumni of AD-PR, 2011-12. Mr. Agarwal will be awarded with ‘Lifetime Membership’ and a gift in next event of the IIMCAA. The meeting decided to award all the participants of LOGO design competition with ‘free membership’ for the first year 2013-14. They are Mr. Varun Vagish, Mr. Gaurav Dikshit, Mr. AR Hemant, Mr. Manoj Kumar, Mr. Anuj Sharma, Mr. Kaushal Kumar, Mr. Avichal Singh, Mr. Sandeep Verma, Mr. Ranveer Singh, Mr. Krishna Pophale & Mr. Kunwar Abhishek Bhagat.


8. Employer’s Choice: Vice-President Mr. Apurva Chamaria proposed an idea of Employer’s Choice, an event to be held in each department once in 2nd last month of diploma courses. Meeting approved it and decided to share this idea with DG, IIMC. This forum would be attended by one or two industry leaders who will offer a perspective of employer’s requirement and expectations to students.


9. Silver Jubilee Meet of Hindi Journalism in Meerut: Western Uttar Pradesh Sub-Chapter of UP Chapter had passed a resolution requesting sanction to host the Silver Jubilee Meet of Hindi Journalism Department in Meerut. Meeting congratulated Sub-Chapter for this wonderful proposal and approved it in principle. Final decision in this regard would be taken after consulting Alumni of 1st batch of Hindi Journalism and teachers of that batch.



Thanks & Regards,

Animesh Biswas

General Secretary

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