Minutes: TN Chapter 2nd Meeting of Feb 23

Dear IIMCians,


The Tamil Nadu Chapter of IIMCAA met today at President, Amar Nath's residence. The meeting was attended by Sneha Bhattacharjee and Hussain Kodinhi.


Minutes of Meeting


Membership: Amar Nath, Sneha & Hussain have registered themselves under yearly membership presently. More participation is expected from the other members in the chapter once they receive the membership forms.

Next meeting: The members have decided to meet quarterly as per everyone's availability.

Bank Account: The members have decided to open a bank account to safeguard the money collected from the members as the membership fee. However, this is subject to all the rules and regulations as per the banking guidelines.

Other issues discussed: Family picnic, alumni get-together, coordinating more participation in the coming meetings.



Thanks and Regards,

Sneha Bhattacharjee

General Secretary, IIMCAA, Tamil Nadu

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