Minutes: UP Chapter Meeting, February 12

Dear IIMCians,


Uttar Pradesh Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association met at Dept of Journalism, Lucknow University on February 12. The meeting was chaired by Chapter President Mr. Santosh Valmeeki & attended by Organisation Secretary Marinder Mishra Mashaal, Treasurer Laxmi Shankar Mishra, Executive Members David and Aniruddha Dhar. Rupesh Pathak & Ramendra Singh also participated in the meeting. Mr. Mukul Srivastav, Assistant Professor of Lucknow University was special invitee to the meeting to discuss the upcoming Seminar.


Decisions are as follows:-

1. UP Chapter will organise a seminar on “Media & Politics: Issues & Challenges” with in association with Dept of Journalism, Lucknow University in April, 2013.

2. A member will share his/ her professional experience with others in future meetings.

3. It was decided to get letter pad published.

4. Next meeting will take place on 1st Sunday of March.

5. Membership campaign to be intensified. Marinder Mishra Mashaal, Laxmi Shankar Mishra, David and Samarth will co-ordinate with each other for successful completion of membership drive in the state.



Thanks & Regards,

Marinder Mishra 'Mashaal'

Organisation Secretary

IIMC Alumni Association, UP

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