MoM | Ahmedabad- Gujarat Chapter Meeting | 3 October, 2015

Dear IIMCians,
IIMC Alumni Association's Gujarat Chapter held its monthly meeting on 3 October, 2015 (Saturday) at the Gopi Dalbati Garden Restaurant off S G Highway in Ahmedabad.
Senior Alumni Mr Prashant Kumar Sahoo presided over the meeting that was attended by Mr Sreepathy Hariprasad, Mr Pranajal Protim Boruah, Mr Vikram Vihal, Mr Arvind Kumar and Mr Dheeraj Vashishtha.
In all only six members could turn up for the meeting as some were busy with their office assignments and some with last minute unavoidable office meetings, including our President Mr Pradeep Mallik.
Minutes of the Meeting:-
Term of the Chapter
– Gujarat chapter takes effect from 15 July, 2015 (IIMCAA Gujarat Chapter’s inception meeting held on this day amid the presence of nine alumni).
– Calendar year for Gujarat Chapter will be from 15 July, 2015 to 14 July, 2016 and accordingly it will apply on membership fees (yearly renewable).

 President: Mr Pradeep Mallik’s name proposed for the President’s post that was unanimously accepted by all present members. However, if any member/s — who were not present- has/ have any suggestion, comments or remarks then please do so by October 20, 2015. We will take that in our next meeting.
 General Secretary cum Treasurer: Mr Arvind Kumar’s name proposed for the post of General Secretary with additional responsibility of Treasurer until next meeting. The post of treasurer will be separated on the next meeting. However, if any member/s- who were not present- has/ have any suggestion, comments or remark then please do so by October 20, 2015.
– As of now the chapter has decided to keep the management committee a small one, comprising President, General Secretary and treasurer. However, with the addition of more members chapter committee will expand accordingly.
Membership Drive
– All six present members have submitted their annual membership fees to the chapter. Soon all members will be enrolled with the central committee.
– The members who were not present in the meeting have been requested to submit their membership fees to Arvind Kumar as soon as possible.
– Chapter has decided to keep membership fees with the chapter.
Regular Meetings
– In every meeting chapter will decide the date of next meeting.
– November 1, 2015 (Sunday) is the date of next meeting. However, the venue will be finalised at least a week in advance so as to rule out any last minute uncertainty.
Thanks and regards,
Arvind Kumar
General Secretary, Gujarat
IIMC Alumni Association
+91-9925246535 IimcAlumniAssociation

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