MoM | Annual General Meeting- All Hands Meet 2018 | 7 October, 2018

Dear IIMCians,
The Annual General Body Meeting- All Hands Meet- of IIMC Alumni Association took place at IIMC HQ, New Delhi on October 7th, 2018. Executive President Mr. Anand Bhushan presided over the meeting that was attended by President Elect Mr. Prasad Sanyal and others. 
Mr. KG Suresh, DG- IIMC and Patron- IIMCAA, graced the Annual General Meeting as Chief Guest. Mr. Suresh, talking about new initiatives of IIMC, called upon IIMCAA to start scholarship for the students of IIMC in need. Mr. Suresh termed alumni as brand ambassador of the institute and assured all possible cooperation in connecting alumni. 
Prof. Gita Bamezai, Election Commissioner 2018, adressed the meeting as well and congratulated the new central committee led by Mr. Sanyal. Organisation Secretary Mr. Vijay Pandey presented the General Secretary Report on behalf of Mr. Mihir Ranjan while Treausrer Ms. Deeksha Saksena presented audit report for FY 2017-18. Both reports were accepted by the AGM unanimously.
Resolutions of Annual General Meeting 2018 
1. The AGM adopted the reports tabled by General Secretary and Treasurer. General Secretary report would be published with minutes of the meeting of Annual General Meeting while Treasurer report would be published in Connections 2019 Souvenir traditionally.
2. The AGM adopted the proposal to set up National Council as per the new constitution. All CC Members, All Chapters/ Sub Chapters President and General Secretary, All Founding Members and All Ex CC Presidents and General Secretaries will become members of the National Council- supreme policy making body of IIMCAA.
3. The AGM Adopted the proposal to abolish advisory board membership. An amendment to the constituion will be carried out for the same and amended constituion will be submitted to the registrar of the societies.
4. The AGM adopted the proposal to abolish registration fees for IIMCAA Events including Annual Alumni Meet- Connections begining 2019. IIMCAA will not seek or accept any fees in the name of any event anywhere. Alumni willing to help IIMCAA may contribute through Membership/ donations or may host the meetings on cost sharing basis.
5. The AGM adopted the proposal to establish IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund, in principle, with 10% of total sponsorship revenue of Connections, every year. The CC has been asked to prepare proposal over fund management, beneficiaries, rules and restrictions. The National Council has been authorised to deliberate the proposal and decide its operationality.
Thanks & Regards,
Vijay Pandey
Organisation Secretary
IIMC Alumni Association IimcAlumniAssociation

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