MoM | CC Meeting | 27 October, 2013

Dear CC Members,

The Central Committee met on October 27th at IIMC, this was the monthly meeting for November which is normally held on the first Sunday of each month, however since the first Sunday of November is coinciding with Diwali, CC members decided to bring the meeting forward a week. The meeting was presided over by Vice President Mr. Apurva Chamaria. It was attended by General Secretary Mr. Animesh Biswas, Organisation Secretaries Mr. Harshendra Verdhan, Mr. Ritesh Verma, Secretaries Mr. Mohit Agarwal, Ms. Deepti Gahrotra, Executive Members Mr. Rahul Sharma, Mr. Amit Kanaujia, Mr. Ranveer Singh, Mr. Prakhar Arya, Ms. Nikita Arora, Ms. Nitin Gulati. Alumni Mr. Ashish Bhardwaj, Mr. Nikhil Bhushan, Mr. Rupesh Pathak, Mr. Subhash Verma & Ms. Kamini Patil also attended the meeting.
Minutes of the meeting are as follows:-

1. Review of AGM & Paper Reading: The CC reflected upon the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the IIMC Paper Reading competition which took place at IIMC on October 20th. A total of 47 people participated in the Paper Reading Competition across all 6 Centers. Keeping in mind the luke warm response of students, the CC has (through majority vote) decided to engage with the Students on a more regular basis. CC member Ms Nikita Arora will be working out a suitable model of engagement, to ensure that IIMCAA does not violate its basic principle of not acting as a Student Union or Employee Union, meaning that it won't interfere in the functioning of IIMC. It was decided that IIMC Paper Reading Competition 2014 would be kept open for current batch students and last three batches to raise the participation.

2. IIMCAA's Website- The website which is being developed by our creative firm 4 AANA, requires huge budgetary support which we will commit at financially appropriate time. Currently the designing of the website is almost compete and we waiting on funds to buy server space so that the website can go live. To website will only be accessible through a unique username and password, which will be issued to each Registered Members of IIMCAA. We also looking to sell space on the website. 

3. Connections 2014: The Alumni Meet 2014 is set to take place on February 16. By a majority of vote it was decided that an alumni willing to attend the meet will be required to contribute Rs. 100 to help IIMCAA in making arrangements, this will be treated as entry fee. The CC is looking at making Connections 2014 a more robust and exciting meet up and networking event than ever before, for this it was suggested that we look at booking an entertainment act to perform at Connections. The CC members are currently in the process of looking at and short listing musical acts that can be booked for the event. For this purpose the estimated budget for the event has gone up to Rs. 5 Lacs. The CC is looking finding sponsors. Finance Secretary Mr. Mohit Agarwal is working on a snapshot of Connections 2013 for the benefit prospective sponsors. Communication Secretary Ms. Deepti Gahrotra is working on the sponsorship proposal that can be sent across to corporates. 
4. Campus Wale Writers: IIMCAA will felicitate the alumni who have penned down books at Connections 2014. Since the theme of this years Alumni Meet is CWW – Campus Wale Writers, it was also decided to put a budget in place and look at doing aggressive social advertising to ensure higher attendance and create a buzz around the event. We will also be looking at employing traditional PR activities, such as a press release and active media pitching to get more stories placed in various publications, which will act as a pull for any potential sponsors.
Thanks & Regards,
Deepti Gahrotra
Secretary, Communication, IIMCAA IimcAlumniAssociation

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