MoM | CC Meeting | 6 April, 2014

Dear IIMCians,


The Central Committee meeting held at IIMC HQ on Sunday, 6th April, presided by Treasurer Gaurav Dikshit. General Secretary Animesh Biswas, Organization Secretary Ritesh Verma, Communication Secretary Deepti Gahrotra, Digital Head Srishti Dugar, Nitin Sreedhar, Debalina Dey, Ipshita Panda, Mohit Virmani, Kamini Patil, Aakash Priyan, Deeksha Saxsena & Richa Banka were present at the meeting.


Minutes of the Meeting are as follows:-


1. Declaration of Income-Expense of Alumni Meet 2014

For the 'Connections 2014', the IIMC Alumni Association raised Rs. 8,17,000/- through Sponsorship, Advertising and Registration for the event. Out of which, Rs. 6,87,000/- spent on the annual alumni meet. A total of Rs. 1,30,000/- is left in the IIMCAA account.

2. Review of Website work

Mr. Mohit Agarwal, Finance Secretary & Creative Head of IIMCAA, has informed that the website work is in process and by this month, all its elements will be functional.

3. Membership

The Committee has decided to enroll maximum alumni as members.

4. Next AGM and Election of Next Team

IIMCAA Biennial Election will be held on Saturday, 5th October. The result will be declared within a week and new team will take charge at Annual General Meeting on 19th October.

Members of the association are eligible to contest & vote. The current team will propose a 21 member panel for next tenure. President and General Secretary in next panel, to be proposed by the current team, shall belong to the department of RTV and Ad-PR. Current President and General Secretary belong to HJ and EJ.

Any number of panel comprising members of the association may contest election against the panel proposed by current team.

Detailed procedure of biennial election will be decided in the next CC meeting.


Thanks & Regards,

Animesh Biswas

General Secretary IimcAlumniAssociation

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