MoM: CC Meeting | 7 July, 2013

Dear IIMCians,

The Central Committee met on July 7 at PCI, New Delhi. The meeting was chaired by Ms. Neha Keshri and were attended by General Secretary Mr. Animesh Biswas, Organisation Secretaries Mr. Harshendra Verdhan & Mr. Ritesh Verma, Secretaries Ms. Vartika Tomer & Mr. Mohit Agarwal, Treasurer Mr. Gaurav Dikshit, Executive Members Mr. Mayank Singh, Mr. Amit Kanaujia, Mr. Anurag Sharma, Ms. Sugam Singhal, Mr. Utkarsh Chaturvedi, Mr. Nitin Gulati & Ms. Nikita Arora. Alumni of 1976-77 batch and teacher at IIMC, Prof. K.M.Srivastava visited the meeting. Other alumni who attended the meeting are Mr. Ankit Roy & Mr. Abhimanyu Kumar Saha. Minutes of the meeting are as follows:-

1. Reporting of Activities: Maharashtra, Bihar & Madhya Pradesh Chapters held their meetings during last one month. Bihar Chapter appointed Mr. Satyavrat Mishra as Organisation Secretary in place of Mr. Avinash Kumar Chanchal. Ms. Teresa Rehman was appointed coordinator for North East Chapter in place of Mr. Rakesh Kumar Das.

2. Membership Drive: To accelerate the membership drive, the Central Committee has decided to visit media houses and corporate offices. Available CC Members will form team. The CC members will visit media houses at Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg on Sunday, 21st July at 5:00 PM
3. Bihar Chapter’s Suggestions: 

A The Bihar Chapter has raised the issue of VOTING RIGHTS to state level office bearers.
The Central Committee is of the view and has already made it clear that any or all elections for CC and Chapters/ Sub Chapters are open for voting, if required. CC promotes consensus based elections but at the same time not against the elections. CC, Chapters and Sub Chapters will complete its term in October, 2014. To elect new team there will be a system of online voting by then to equip all members to elect office bearers directly. An alumni just need to get membership to vote or contest elections.
To involve Chapters & Sub Chapters in decision making process, it was decided to form a National Council. Consultation with Chapters/ Sub Chapters are still on over the National Council. Once National Council comes into existence, major policy decision will be taken only by National Council which will meet annually. CC will take care of the organisation & activities on routine basis. To become a member of National Council, an alumni need to become office bearer of CC or Chapter or Sub Chapters. Chapters/ Sub Chapters have 4 seats in National Council as proposed (President, General Secretary, Treasurer & 4th has to be nominated by meeting of chapter/ sub chapter).
B  Bihar Chapter suggested to donate stuffs to Uttarakhand Victims.

IIMCAA will speak to Goonj, a NGO run by IIMCian Mr. Anshu Gupta, for donating money/ clothes/ quilts or utensils to Uttarakhand victims. General Secretary Mr. Animesh Biswas will discuss the procedures of donating the above mentioned stuff with Mr. Gupta. The IIMCAA has also received requests from few IIMCians, who want to go to Uttarakhand to help the local residents. IIMCAA will discuss this matter with Goonj and find out possibilities to send volunteers.
4. Competition for New Batch: A common competition among all department/ campus will be launched in September. Mr. Harshendra VerdhanMr. Gaurav Dikshit & Mr. Madhur will explore the sponsorship opportunities. Mr. Abhinav Garg will explore the print partnerships. 
5. IIMCAA T-Shirt & Kurtis: The Central Committee has finalised the designs of IIMCAA T-shirt and Kurtis. The IIMCAA T-shirt will be available in Blue, White and Black colours (Male– logo on front | Female- logo on left sleeve) at a price of Rs. 500/- only. Ladies’ kurtis (logo on left sleeve) will be available in white colour only at a price of Rs. 500/-. Courier charges are not included and anyone expecting it to delivered at their home need to courier charges while booking the T-shirt or Kurti. A separate mail will provide details of bank accounts, mode of payment and tentative courier charges.

Thanks & Regards,
Animesh Biswas
General Secretary IimcAlumniAssociation

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