MoM | Central Committee Meeting | 20 August, 2017

Dear IIMCians,
The Central Committee of IIMC Alumni Association met at IIMC HQ, New Delhi on 20th August, 2017. President Mr. Suresh Kumar Vashishth presided over the meeting that was attended by Executive President Mr. Anand Bhushan, Vice President Mr. Harendra Yadav, General Secretary Mr. Mihir Ranjan, Organisation Secretary Mr. Pratham Dwivedi, Treasurer Ms. Deeksha Saksena and Executive Member Mr. Komal Badodekar.
General Secretary of Punjab-Haryana-Himachal Chapter Mr. Muni Shankar Pandey, Organisation Secretary of Bihar Chapter Mr. Abhimanyu Kumar Saha, Senior Alumni Mr. Umesh Chaturvedi, Mr. Madhur Kalra, Mr. Harshendra Singh Verdhan, Mr. Animesh Biswas, Mr. Ritesh Verma, Mr. Amit Deshmukh and Mr. Keshav Kumar were also present.
Minutes of the Meeting:-
1. IIMCAA accepts the resignation of Mr. Arunoday Prakash, its Vice President. The Central Committee appreciated the invaluable contribution of Mr. Prakash in building IIMCAA.
2. The role of IIMCAA is to connect IIMC Alumni.
3. IIMCAA is mandated to remain an apolitical organisation. Views expressed by its members outside IIMCAA are their individual views and IIMCAA does not endorse them.
4. People associated with IIMCAA have adopted to remain apolitical while working for IIMCAA even if they have different political inclinations.
Thanks & Regards,
Mihir Ranjan
General Secretary IimcAlumniAssociation

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