MoM | Central Committee Meeting | 3 July, 2016

Dear IIMCians,
The Central Committee of IIMC Alumni Association met on July 3rd at IIMC HQ, New Delhi. Senior CC Member Mr. Madhur Kalra presided over the meeting that was attended by Organisation Secretaries Mr. Harshendra Verdhan, Mr. Sandeep Jha, Mr. Keshav Kumar, Secretaries Mr. Amit Kanaujia, Ms. Deeksha Saksena, Executive Member Mr. Animesh Biswas, Mr. Pratham Dwivedi, Ms. Arpita Kedia and General Secretary of Punjab-Haryana-Himachal Pradesh Chapter Mr. Muni Shankar. Alumni Mr. Ritesh Verma, Mr. Akash Priyan, Mr. Arpan Roy and Mr. Amit Rajpoot were also present in the meeting apart from CC Members and Chapter Officials.
The meeting considered the suggestions received from officer bearers and alumni of Central Committee, Karnataka, Bihar and Punjab-Haryana-Himachal Pradesh Chapters over inclusion of awards and theme for next year annual meet. 
Suggestions were made by Ms. Rama Nedungadi (Bengaluru), Mr. Nishant Verma (Delhi), Ms. Divya Sharma (Ludhiana) and Mr. Abhimanyu Kumar Saha (Patna). Following decisions were taken at the CC Meeting unanimously.
1. Theme for Annual Alumni Meet- Connections 2017- The Central Committee has decided to host the next alumni meet, Connections 2017, to recognise the alumni in teaching profession. Series will be named Campus Wale Teachers/ Shikshak. A detailed criteria for felicitation under Campus Wale Teachers/ Shikshaks will be shared in due course.
2. Inclusion of New Awards from Connections 2017- The Central Committee has decided to launch IIMCAA Awards from Connections 2017. Awards will be given in 10 categories with a cash reward of 21000 INR each. Indicative awards categories are Investigative Reporting, Developmental Reporting, Political Reporting, Print Production, Broadcast Production, Digital Production, Public Relations, Corporate Communication, Advertising Campaigns and Social Awareness.
The categories listed above for IIMCAA Awards are indicative as of now and a 5-Member Sub Committee headed by Vice President Mr. Prasad Sanyal will finalize the name of all awards, nomination process, selection process etc. Mr. Anand Bhushan, Mr. Harshendra Singh Verdhan, Mr. Animesh Biswas and Mr. Ritesh Verma will be member of this sub committee and will meet on July 17 to formulate the detailed procedures of awards.
3. Biennial Elections of The Central Committee- The Central Committee has finalised the election schedules for biennial IIMCAA Elections which will elect a new team for the Central Committee with a tennure of two years starting October 16, 2016. It shall nominate a senior faculty member of IIMC as Election Commissioner once request for the same is accepted by the faculty member.
The current team will propose a panel in due course with an alumni of EJ as President and an alumni of HJ as General Secretary. Current President Mrs. Sunila Dhar belongs to Ad-PR and General Secretary Mr. Rahul Sharma to RTV hence next team shall comprise these two officials from EJ and HJ on rotational basis. First CC had President from HJ and General Secretary from EJ. Next team will see positions swapped between these two departments to provide equal representation to all departments on rotation basis.
Dates for election process are as follows:-
Publication of Voter List- 04 September, 2016
Notification for Elections- 11 September, 2016
Scrutiny and Withdrawal- 18 September, 2016
Online Voting (If Required)- 25 September, 2016
Swearing in of New CC & AGM- 16 October, 2016
4. Eligibility Criteria for Recruitment in PSUs- The Central Committee has decided to take up the issue of descriminating eligibilty criteria for recruitment in PSUs with DG, IIMC Mr. KG Suresh who happens to be Ex officio Patron of IIMCAA. It will seek DG's help in raising the issue with competent authorities in an appropriate manner.
Thanks & Regards,
Amit Kanaujia
Secretary, IIMC Alumni Association IimcAlumniAssociation

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