MoM | Central Committee Meeting | December 7, 2014

Dear IIMCians,

The Central Committee of IIMC Alumni Association met at IIMC HQ, New Delhi on December 7. Vice President Mr. Prasad Sanyal presided over the meeting that was attended by Vice President Ms. Rashmi Chouhan, General Secretary Mr. Rahul Sharma, Organisation Secretaries Mr. Rai Umraopati Rai, Mr. Krishna Pophale, Secretaries Mr. Amit Kanaujia, Ms. Deeksha Saksena, Executive Members Mr. Gaurav Dikshit, Mr. Nishant Verma, Mr. Sachin Dixit, Mr. Pratham Dwivedi, Mr. Utkarsh Chaturvedi, Ms. Ipsita Panda, Ms. Arpita Kedia, Ms. Pragya Swastik, Mr. Om Dheeraj & Mr. Neel Krishna Dwivedi. Alumni Mr. Ritesh Verma, Mr. Amiya Kushwaha, Mr. Rajat Sain, Mr. Abhishek Kumar Chanchal, Ms. Sezel Lalwani, Ms. Mohi Narayan & Ms. Samvedna Kashyap also attended the meeting.


Minutes of the Meeting:-


Review of Fresher’s Meet

The committee was of the unanimous view that the interaction with the current batch of IIMC students was well organized, however, keeping in mind the low level of attendance during the interaction, it was agreed that the alumni will scale down the event going forward. The alumni will instead assign a day when few senior alumni will be available at the campus to speak to students about career in their field and general counselling. IIMCAA will communicate about the “Chai Pe Charcha” to the institute in advance so that those students who want career related guidance can avail of the same.


Refreshment Coupons

It was brought to the notice of the CC that the dinner expense exceeded the estimate by a significant margin. The number of plates billed by the vendor was much more than the number of people present at the AGM/Interaction/DJ. While some IIMCAA members paid from their own pocket to fill the difference, it was felt that it would be better to introduce refreshment/dinner coupons to be provided to the alumni at the registration desk. It will ensure that there are no gate crashers or free loaders to the event and that IIMCAA is paying for alumni and current students only. This will be put in place for future events organized by IIMCAA.


Additional Platforms for IIMCAA

With “Connections” becoming an established and well known event, a need was felt for creating more platforms for engagement and networking of the alumni.  It was decided that the alumni can suggest ideas on the same lines and share it with Mr. Rahul Sharma, General Secretary, who will compile them and present it to the CC for discussion and deliberation.


Connections 2015

The theme for next year’s Connection event is “Campus Wale Entrepreneurs” (CWE).  The CC discussed preparations for the event. It was decided that Mr. Rahul Sharma, General Secretary will prepare the selection criteria for the CWE. Additionally, he will also be responsible for the content related work for the event. IIMCAA will identify 3-4 students from the current batch who will assist the General Secretary for the same. Mr. Gaurav Dikshit, Treasurer, will lead the Sponsorship work for the event. Members present in the meeting will also be reaching out to sponsors they know so that IIMCAA has ample funds to conduct such events.


Also, one of the members felt that instead of starting fund raising activity in December, it will be better if we do it early. The point was noted and will be implemented from next year. It was decided that instead of DJ, IIMCAA may work towards organizing a live music concert during Connections. IIMCAA will also reach out to independent artists from the alumni who could either be a singer or a musician or part of a band to perform at the event. It was felt that an evening like this would be enjoyed and appreciated more by the alumni.



It was felt that instead of IIMCAA sending group mails to alumni, communication can be sent out through the alumni website directly.


Thanks & Regards,

Sugam Singhal

Secretary, Communications, IIMCAA IimcAlumniAssociation

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