MoM: IIMCAA, Central Committee Meeting | 2 June, 2013

Dear IIMCians,

Event: Central Committee Meeting | 2 June, 2013 | Press Club of India, New Delhi

Chaired by– Mr. Mukesh Kaushik


•             Mr. Apurva Chamaria (Vice-President)

•             Mr. Dhiren Dukhu (Vice-President)

•             Mr. Animesh Biswas (General Secretary)

•             Mr. Harshendra Verdhan (Organization Secretary)

•             Mr. Ritesh Verma (Organization Secretary)

•             Mr. Anand Saurabh (Secretary)

•             Ms. Vartika Tomar (Secretary)

•             Mr. Mohit Agrawal (Secretary)

•             Mr. Gaurav Dikshit (Treasurer)

•             Mr. Nishant Verma (Executive Member)

•             Mr. Ranveer Singh (Executive Member)

•             Ms. Neha Keshri (Executive Member)

•             Mr. Keshav Kumar (Executive Member)

Minutes of the Meeting

1.  Reporting of Activities-

Organisation Secretaries Harshendra Verdhan, Ritesh Verma and Secretary Mohit Agarwal reported the activities since last meeting. West Bengal Chapter, Odisha Chapter & Pune Sub Chapter held meetings during last month. Odisha Chapter plans to organise an event to mark 150 years of Odia Journalism in coming months. New Coordinator is being appointed for North East Chapter.

2.  Review of Membership Drive-

To speed up the membership drive to enroll alumni as members of the Association, small teams of CC Members will regularly visit such offices where several alumni works. Membership is an important step towards building database which will help us creating a password protected website. The website can be accessed by Member Alumnus only and access the database or all other information at the website which we currently share at our blog or FB page including openings.

3. Induction of New Members in the Central Committee-

To work more effectively CC decided to raise the strength of CC to 52 including President (51+1). 23 New members being inducted are:-

Rakesh Kumar Das, EJ, 2001-02, New Delhi

Varun Vagish, HJ, 2003-04, New Delhi

Mayank Singh, RTV, 2003-4, New Delhi

Sandeep Jha, RTV, 2004-05, New Delhi

Sandeep Kumar, HJ, 2005-06, New Delhi

Anurag Sharma, HJ, 2005-06, New Delhi

Rahul Sharma, RTV, 2005-06, New Delhi

Saurabh Dwivedi, HJ, 2006-07, New Delhi

Himanshu Shekhar, HJ, 2008-09, New Delhi

Kuldeep Mishra, HJ, 2010-11, New Delhi

Swapnal Sonal– HJ, 2010-11, New Delhi

Soumika Das, EJ, 2011-12, Dhenkanal

Avinash Kumar Chanchal, HJ, 2011-12, New Delhi

Deepti Gahrotra, Ad-PR, 2011-12, New Delhi

Prakhar Arya, Ad-PR, 2011-12, New Delhi

Sugam Singhal, EJ, 2012-13, Jammu

Kumar Saurabh, EJ, 2012-13, Kottayam

Utkarsh Chaturvedi, HJ, 2012-13, New Delhi

Anand Dutta, HJ, 2012-13, New Delhi

Abhishek Malhotra, Ad-PR, 2012-13, New Delhi

Nitin Gulati, RTV, 2012-13, New Delhi

Nikita Arora, RTV, 2012-13, New Delhi

Smrithin Satishan, RTV, 2012-13, New Delhi

4. Formation of National Council-

It was decided to constitute a National Council, to shape the future of IIMCAA and take major policy decisions. The National Council will constitute all members of the central committee and four (4) representatives of each chapter and each sub chapter. President, General Secretary and Treasurer of the Chapter and Sub-Chapter are essential three (3) among four. 4th representative has to be nominated/ selected by Chapter and Sub Chapter in its meeting. Chapters with more than 50 alumni in their area will be able to nominate/ select one additional representative effectively making them eligible for five seats in National Council. National Council will meet annually for two days.

Venue for this year council meet will be Jammu/ Kottayam/ Amravati/ Aizawl/ Dhenkanal or Goa. Dates will be any of the weekends of September except 7 and 8 September. Venue and dates will be decided following the discussions with chapters and sub chapters.

5. Non-activity in Madhya Pradesh Chapter-

In consultation with other officials of Madhya Pradesh Chapter Mr. Amit Pathe is being replaced by Vice-President Ms. Rashmi Chouhan as President of the chapter. Mr. Pathe didn’t respond to notice sent by CC. CC wishes all the best to Ms. Chouhan and Mr. Anurag Chaubey to run the affairs of MP Chapter. Office bearers of the MP Chapter are as follows:-

President: Ms. Rashmi Chouhan, EJ, 2009-10, Dhenkanal

General Secretary: Mr. Anurag Chaubey, EJ, 2011-12, Delhi

6. Model of the competition for next batch-

There will be IIMC Paper Reading Competition 2013 for PG Diploma students arriving at different campuses and departments of IIMC for session 2013-14. 1st prize- 25,000, 2nd prize- 15,000 and 3rd prize- 10,000. Topic for the competition will be declared once academic session commences in August. Evaluation criteria of the competition will be:-

Parameter                       Weightage   Description

Originality of thought      25%              Are the thoughts presented in the essay or

                                                            paper original or new?

Strength of argument      25%              Is the author able to justify his ideas using

                                                            theory or data or logical argument? How 

                                                            strong is the argument presented?

Power of expression       25%              This is where the language and writing skills

                                                           of the author will be evaluated.

Structure of the paper     15%              Has the author presented his thoughts and

                                                           arguments in a structured manner? 

Citations, attribution        10%             This will help reduce plagiarism. This is an

and referencing                                  important feature of non-fiction writing.

7.  Selling of T-Shirts bearing IIMCAA's logo to generate funds-

A design of T-shirt bearing IIMCAA’s logo has been approved. It will be put up for bookings on online forums of IIMCAA soon at a fixed rate which will be 40% higher to the cost. Delivery via courier will attract additional charges. Funds generated through this activity will be made available to IIMCAA for carrying out other activities.

8.  Appointment of Auditor to file I-T returns-

PRAGS & Co. has been appointed our auditor to file I-T returns. This firm will audit the accounts of IIMCAA for next three financial year at the professional fee of 5057/- annually. Revision of the fee will take place after 3 years.


Thanks & Regards,

Animesh Biswas

General Secretary, IIMCAA IimcAlumniAssociation

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