MoM | Madhya Pradesh Chapter Meeting | 8 June, 2014

Dear IIMCians,

Madhya Pradesh Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association met at Indian Coffee House in Bhopal on Sunday, June 8.  Those present in the meeting were: Rashmi Chouhan, Anurag Chaubey and Vishakha Rajurkar Raj. Due to some exigency Kuldeep Soni, Shilpa Baburaj and Yogesh Gautam couldn't attend the meeting as was planned.    
Minutes of The Meeting:   
– The annual alumni meet "Connections 2014" magazine was distributed to those present.
– Some of those who couldn't attend the meeting were given the magazine later.   
– Those present planned to better the Madhya Pradesh Chapter alumni database uploaded on Facebook Group of the chapter. And those who couldn't attend the meeting have been informed of the same.   
– It was decided that henceforth all members would be encouraged to come up with the ideas regarding venue and timing according to their convenience. 
– A message for the same would be put on chapter's FB group 7 days before the meeting and ideas would be awaited.   
Thanks & Regards,
Rashmi Chouhan
Persident, MP Chapter, IIMCAA IimcAlumniAssociation

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