MoM: Pune Sub Chapter | 12 May, 2013

Dear IIMCians,

The Pune Sub Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association met on May 12th, 2013 over dinner. 7 members and their families participated in the meet. Here's a brief of the discussions.
– The membership drive is on: 7 members filled in the membership forms and got themselves officially baptized into the IIMC Alumni Association. The rest will take it up in the upcoming meetings.
– The Alumni planned to come up with a Pune Sub-chapter Blog wherein alumni and their families will contribute different articles in the form of literary pieces, poems, reviews, academic papers, etc on monthly basis. Every member will send in a bio and a pic along with their articles. There will be an exclusive children's corner, where children- the future breed of IIMC will get an exposure to the world of writing and publishing since childhood. The association will also ask the IIMC Amravati branch to eventually send in articles by students of the present batches. A professor's column will also be there wherein professors from IIMC can contribute.
– The alumni congratulated Mayank Dwivedi (HJ-2012-13) who got married in February 2013. Mayank who came unaccompanied this time promised to join us with his wife in the upcoming meet.
– The alumni also expressed their heartfelt farewell wishes to Sayanti Ganguly (EJ 2010-11) who could not make it for the meet for her illness. Sayanti will be returning to Kolkata, her hometown on may 25th, 2013. We wish her all the best for her future.
– Based on the fun, interactivity and fellow feeling that the entire alumni felt, all decided to make the meet more regular, and soon in June the alumni will meet at Organization Secretary Neha Dave's residence.
On behalf, of all present, I take the opportunity to thank all the alumni for being present for the meet and making it a success. 
Members who enrolled:
Sukeerti Sharma: RTV (2008-09) New Delhi 
Deepak Sinha : EJ (2010-11) New Delhi 
Mayank Dwivedi: HJ (2012-13) New Delhi 
Sangeeta Kumari: HJ (1998-99) New Delhi 
Rajesh Ranjan: HJ (1999-2000) New Delhi
Neha Dave: ADPR (2011-12) New Delhi 
Debarati Mukherjee: EJ (2008-09) New Delhi 
Debarati Mukherjee
IIMCAA, Pune, Maharashtra IimcAlumniAssociation

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