MoM | Singapore Chapter Inception Meeting | 22 July, 2016

Dear IIMCians,
Singapore Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association was formed at Element at Amara, Singapore on July 22nd. Inception meeting of the chapter was attended by nine alumni and elected Mr. Zafar Anjum as President, Mr. Saurabh Chaturvedi as General Secretary and Ms. Rayana Pandey as Treasurer.
Alumni attended the meeting are
1. Ms. Anajana Jha, AD&PR (1991-92)
2. Ms. Panchalee Thakur, EJ (1993-94)
3. Mr. Zafar Anjum, EJ (1995-96)
4. Mr. Gaurav Raghuvanshi, EJ (1996-97)
5. Ms. Aradhana Shrivastav, HJ (2005-06)
6. Mr. Saurabh Chaturvedi, EJ (2006-07)
7. Ms. Kaveri Ghosh, EJ (2006-07)
8. Ms. Rayana Pandey, EJ (2006-07)
9. Ms. Srishti Dugar, AD&PR (2011-12)
Minutes of the Inception Meeting 
1. As many as nine alumni of Indian Institute of Mass Communication met and decided to start a Singapore chapter of the IIMC Alumni Association. During the meeting, it was decided to elect Mr. Zafar Anjum (1995-96 batch English Journalism) as the President of the chapter and Mr. Saurabh Chaturvedi (2006-07 English Journalism) as General Secretary. Ms. Rayana Pandey of English Journalism 2006-07 will be the treasurer of the chapter.
2. Ms. Kavita Chandran (EJ, 1993-94), Ms. Sunanda Asthana (RTV, 1998-99), Mr. Sameer Mohindru (EJ, 1999-2000), Ms. Debangana (EJ, 2013-14), and Mr. Sai (Details awaited) didn't come but are really excited to catch up the next time. 
3. Chapter has decided to meet occassionally at everyone's convinience. Members will spread the word and get more Singapore-based alumni's on-board.
Thanks & Regards,
Saurabh Chaturvedi
General Secretary, Singapore
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