MoM | UP Chapter Meeting | 22 December, 2013

Dear IIMCians,
Verdant surroundings of Lohia Park, the warm winter sun and a piping, hot cuppa to break the ice- there was not a single dull moment, as 12 Alumni of the IIMC got together for the third meet of the IIMC Alumni Association’s Uttar Pradesh Chapter, held at state capital Lucknow on Sunday, December 22, 2013.
The following IIMCians attended the meet:
1) Santosh Valmiki 2) Pankaj Jha 3) Md Arshi Rafique 4) Anurag Shukla 5) Ramendra Singh 6) Bhai Shelly 7) Kamlesh Rathore 8) Deepika Sati 9) Chetan Sharma 10) Shubhi Chanchal 11) Deepika Singh 12) Zara Ali.
The event kickstarted with an introductory session after which each alumnus took the centrestage to suggest ways on strengthening the IIMC family in Uttar Pradesh. Following were the important issues, suggestions and decisions that came up in the meeting:
– Owing to the busy schedule of erstwhile Organisation Secretary Marinder Mishra and transfer of Treasurer Laxmi Shankar Mishra to Rajasthan, Kamlesh Rathore was handed over the charge of both the posts. (Incidentally, Kamlesh’s husband Bhai Shelly is also an IIMCian, which make them a part of IIMC’s ever-expanding ‘Campus Wale Couple’ group!)
– It was decided that a formal re-launch of the chapter should be held next year (tentative date January 19).
– With the payment of membership fees, most of the IIMCians enrolled themselves as formal members of the chapter. It was decided that a bank account would be opened exclusively for the chapter.
– It was suggested to invite Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav in one of the subsequent meetings, where he could be urged to consider undertaking efforts for setting up an IIMC branch in Uttar Pradesh to cater to the needs of the students here.
– It was also suggested that IIMCians could invite their friends and family to an IIMC picnic, which can be held sometime next year.
Thanks & Regards,
Deepika Singh
Secretary, Communication, IIMCAA, UP Chapter IimcAlumniAssociation

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