Press Council National Awards for Excellence in Journalism – 2017

File No. 25/10/2017-18-PCI                                                                      Dated: 26.7.2017

All the members of the Council


          Please find attached the documents relating to the National Awards 2017 instituted by the Press Council on Excellence in Journalism. While the Advertisement Notice has been published on 15th July, 2017, the details i.e. Notice along with the Introduction, Entry Form, Declaration Form, Rules and Press Release have been uploaded on the Council website. You are requested to use your good offices and circulate these documents amongst newspapers/freelancers at your end.

            The entries may be filed in the following categories of the awards:-

1.         Raja Ram Mohan Roy National Award for Excellence in Journalism

2.         Rural Journalism and Development Reporting                                   

3.         Investigative Journalism,                                                                         

4.         Photo Journalism

(i) Single News Picture

            (ii) Photo Feature


5.         Best Newspapers Art:

The Award for 'Best Newspapers Art' covering cartoons, caricatures and illustration relates to the creativity of the art journalism through the medium of newspapers.           


                                                                                                             Yours faithfully,



                                                                                                            (Vibha Bhargava)



Ecl:   (i)          Advertisement for National Awards for Excellence in Journalism 2017

(ii)         Introduction, Rules, Entry Form and Declaration for NAEJ 2017

(iii)        Press Release IimcAlumniAssociation

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