Ranchi MoM – Jharkhand Chapter Meeting of 6 June, 2020

Dear IIMCians,

Jharkhand Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association hosted an online meeting on June 6, 2020. Chapter President Manoj Kumar presided over the meeting that was attended by 12 members including Vice President Dev Vrat Singh, General Secretary Pranav P Das, Organisation Secretary Pooja Oraon, Anupam Rana, Neeraj Kumar Arya and Nivedita Gupta. Senior member SK Dubey and IIMCAA Organisation Secretary Ritesh Verma also participated in the meeting.

Minutes of the meeting:-

1. New members of the state chapter were welcomed by everyone

2. General Secretary Pranav P Das dwelt upon the social work carried out by president Manoj Kumar on behalf of the Chapter during COVID 19 Lockdown. It was brought to the knowledge of members that food and other essential supplies were distributed among the needy at slum areas and Khatals, footpaths, flyovers  during the lockdown since March 29.

3. The members also pledged to continue social work through various means, especially spreading awareness on COVID-19.

4. Senior member SK Dubey suggested adopting long time measures to help people during the Covid crisis.

5. Several members came up with some noble ideas to help people during COVID crisis.

6. It was also decided to augment yearly contributions to be used for chapter activities. Mr. Dubey suggested that an excel sheet could be prepared for account details so that the group members remain updated and pay accordingly.

Pranav Pratyush Das
General Secretary
IIMCAA, Jharkhand Chapter

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