Ranveer Contributes IIMCAA Awards 2020 Prize Money to Medical Assistance Fund

Published on Dec. 18, 2020, 7:57 p.m.

Dear IIMCians,

IIMCAA Awards winner Mr. Ranveer (2008-09 Batch) has contributed his prize money of 21000 INR to the IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund.

In an email to IIMC Alumni Association, Mr. Ranveer has said-

"I'm grateful to IIMCAA for its dedication towards the welfare and unity of IIMC Alumni. This is the second consecutive year when I received IIMCAA Awards in the investigative reporting category. Being selected for this prestigious award for two times is more important than any financial benefit. I've decided to donate my prize money to the medical fund. IIMCAA is free to help any alumni in case of his/ her medical need."

We are thankful to Ranveer for his noble support.

Prof. Jaishri Jethwaney has contributed royalties of her books to the Medical Fund also like last year.

Thanks & Regards,
Kalyan Ranjan
Chairman, IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund