Reuters foundation and the Stanley foundation course in Mumbai…

Reuters Foundation and The Stanley Foundation are to partner for the third time to provide journalist training. In April they will run a Writing International News course in Mumbai, India, aimed specifically at full-time reporters from the United States and India.

It will cover subjects such as poverty issues, Bollywood, India’s economy, western outsourcing to India (such as call centres) and media topics. There will be a special emphasis on international news reporting for U.S. and Indian audiences. Classroom tutorials will be reinforced with practical exercises and field trips.

The course will run from April 21 to 25 and the deadline for applications is March 1. More information

The two partners previously provided courses in 2005 and 2006 in the Middle East, bringing together American and Arab journalists for workshops to promote better understanding of each others’ perspectives by exploring international issues together. IimcAlumniAssociation

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