ROARR ’08, The IIMC fest on 25th and 26th of November…

The alumni must be knowing about the Fest happening on 25th & 26th of November.
I, on behalf of the fest organising committee, cordially invite all the ex-IIMCians to visit our campus and join us for tea on the closing ceremony, 26th evening 6pm.
The closing ceremony includes Prize distribution followed by interaction with the students. Then we have performance by Rock bands Faridkot and Them Clones.

The detailed event list-

DAY I – 25th November ON STAGE
Opening Ceremony 9:00 am, Manch
Panel Discussion- Street Play- 12:00 am, Front lawn
Ad Mad- 12:30 pm, Manch

Indian Dance- 4:00 pm, Manch
Band Competition- 1:00pm, DJ Stage
Fashion Show- 6:30 pm, Back Driveway

DAY II – 26th November ON STAGE
Stage Play- 10 am, Manch
Choreo- 3:30 pm, Manch
Closing ceremony- 6 pm, Manch
Rock Show- Them Clones 7:00 pm, Back Driveway

Poster Making- 12:00 pm, Classroom
Street Dance- 3:00 pm, New Hostel
Photography Exhibition- Manch Lounge
Creative writing- 3 pm, Classroom

Debate- 10:00 am, Mini Audi
Absurd Ideating- 1:00 pm, DJ Stage
Movie Making- 2:30 pm , Mini Audi


Looking forward to seeing you,
Bahni Bandyopadhyay
Vice President, IIMC Roarr IimcAlumniAssociation

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